Nurse’s Notes: 2013 Resolution

Posted: January 3, 2013 in New Year's Resolution
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Every year, we want something new. That is why we had new year’s resolutions. These resolutions may be more than two, large or small, as long as we have them.

Randomness of Life

Randomness of Life

Every year,  we also pick the right addition to our closet. As for me, I picked an animal-printed scarf from my aunt’s vintage closet as well. It was sort of a gift from her last Christmas. She gave it me since, I have been yearning for her to give it to me. To spice this scarf, I am thinking to buy an emerald summer dress I found at a boutique in the City of Love, Philippines.

Every year, we randomly pick the persons whom we play, love and live with. Since some persons have touched my 2012 life, in the most negative and positive ways, I am keeping myself with the limitation of being ‘more friendly’. I had this attitude last year to say yes and kept quiet all the time, even if I am being hurt so badly. That was an awful injustice on my part, so to speak. I also had this attitude to say nothing to everything that bothers my relationship to other people. By this, I was harassed emotionally, socially, and mentally. by people whom I have considered as best friends, friends, and even brother and sisters. As of the moment, there are 5 persons in circle. I won’t name them, but I know they are one of the kind. They have not ridiculed my presence nor the essence of existence, but they have respected and love it on the way.

Every year, we randomly collect and select opposite sex to spice up our hearts and minds. With the recent short and long soiree that I had with 5, yes FIVE, guys last 2012, I decided not to break the wall of my freedom. Well, that is only for some time. I will be doing a lot of work on finding the success in my chosen career as a Writer and Blogger, and in my profession as a Registered Nurse. The time I will be spending with the opposite sex will just be spent on leveraging the knowledge, skills, and attitude that I already Have. But when the destiny would intervene, I would first weigh the consequences of having a lasting and forever relationship to the rightful and worthy man or partner of my life. Who knows, I might find him in the heights of my career and profession’s success. Let it be.

Every year, we seek for the glory of life. We used every material and immaterial things to achieve it. And for me, having God, your family, friends and other significant people are the best way to keep random things in life worthy beyond everything.

With the random things, one thing is left to us. Our CHOICES DEFINE THE RANDOMNESS OF THINGS IN OUR LIFE.

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