A Life-Changing Vintage Wedding

Posted: January 19, 2013 in Personal
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“I will marry you in a forest wearing my vintage Grace Kelly-inspired wedding gown.”

Wedding Gown

There is no wonder why every woman wanted to be married. Aside from tying the bond with their love and partner for life, they all wanted to wear that ‘Wedding Gown’. They also want to see their pictures taken on that theme wedding they have been luring for some time. And I am no exception to them.

As a hopeless romantic, I always want a forest wedding. I pictured the white flowers hanging in the trees, the glasses of champagne in a wooden table, the sumptuous foods for my limited guests, the white 7 layered cake between the flock of white doves, the white sexy Filipiniana wedding gown with long veil and the groom in his  Barong. These things would make my wedding surreal. But things had changed. I don’t want a forest wedding anymore. Thanks to the Twilight Saga and Kirsten Stewart.

The wedding that I am dreaming to be executed in the near future is with just my partner for the rest of my life. The wedding would be simple, elegant and of course memorable. I wanted to feel and say to the world that, ‘This is my wedding day. And I don’t care about other things except my husband and our future’.

To add spice to my dream wedding, I want to be married in a place where there is a history. It would be a place where a number of memories, happy or sad, had been placed. It would be where two people meet, dreamed, and lived for always and forever. It would be a place where flowers are blossoming, birds are chirping, and your significant others are laughing. This place would be greatly reflected by The Ruins, which is found in Talisay, Negros Occidental.

The venue is a picture of history and vintage. And that’s where my wedding theme starts. Mine would be a Vintage Wedding.

Wedding Gown

The star of my Vintage Wedding is my Vintage Wedding Gown. My best friend Gillian drafted my wedding gown when we were in our fourth year of our Nursing studies. That wedding gown shows my back and a little bit of my cleavage. It would be accentuated by Swarovski gems, a little hem of black and red, and without a wedding veil covering my face. Instead of a wedding veil that covers, I wanted it to be put on my back to let my lovely flower girls hold it. A pair of Jimmy Choo or Christian Louboutin off-white shoes and a wristwatch from Timex would make a great assistant to my gown. I would like also to wear a vintage earring, as long as it is original. My ears are irritated with fake ones. I’m a minimalist so additional accessory would not be necessary. This wedding vintage wedding gown of mine is depicted by this gown I saw while I was pinning wedding gowns on Pinterest.

I would be a little daze when I have this in mind. No wonder I’m this hopeless romantic in the middle of Saturday heat.

Love. Fashion. Life.


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