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Posted: January 19, 2013 in Personal
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The Nerds Area

The Nerds Area

I took the whole night of January 15, 2013 reading a romance novel series by Ms. Gypsy Esguerra of Precious Hearts Romances.  It was a rival series for her first series ‘The Geek’s Place’. Historically, while I’m in the middle of reading ‘The Geek’s Place’, I became curious of the ‘writer’s lounge’, Mr. Blake and Miss Blaire. With that, I hoped that Ms. Gypsy would make a sequel about it.

After almost four months of long wait and frequent visits at the bookstores, I saw another work of hers at the Iloilo City, Philippines Branch of the Precious Pages Bookstore.  My wish was granted! At that time, I wasn’t able to buy it since I’m in a hurry to catch my trip for Negros Occidental. To cut the story short, I borrowed my cousin’s and read them all the way.

It is my habit to read the last page of the last book. I don’t know why but maybe it’s because I am a ‘not-so-normal’ lady who also writes, news articles on technology and the internet; and blogs about love, fashion and life. With that, my curiosity for Blake grew even more. I have known Blake as the one of the owner of PPC in The Geek’s Place. He runs the publishing company with his sister Blaire. And yet in this sequel, he had made an impact on the lives of ‘the N.E.R.Ds’, as Ms. Gypsy has named them.

Who is he? Who is her partner in this series called ‘The Nerd’s Area’? What are his capabilities to make these four girls named, Eury, Penny, Caly, and Ashly trap in the consequences of writing, love and life?

To make amends with the questions, I made a note on Blake’s surreal mark in the life pages of each N.E.R.Ds’. Let me take you on how he published, and marketed in the four NERD books.

On the first drop of an ink, Blake is Eury’s confidante and big brother. He treated Eury as his little sister who needs a big brother’s hug when she has a writer and lover’s block. He made her realized how the man she liked at the moment doesn’t like her as well. Yet he also helped her how damn she is if she will run from the guy she like and eventually fell in love with.

In the story of Penny, Blake is an ideal lover for every girl. And in some ways, Penny treated him like that. Among the four girls, she is the only one who’s closed to him. As an ideal lover, he gave a ‘realization kiss’ to Penny. With this, he became a threat to Penny’s love interest and partner for life. He made his kiss a worthy tool to make another man realized how damn he is if he let go the woman he undeniably love. He made the two reconcile by just a kiss. How is that?

Let me jump to the fourth book. I wouldn’t want to spoil your sequence but I want give you the benefit of the doubt on Blake’s love story.  He had made a little push on Ashley’s story in this part. He just startle the capabilities of photographers by hiring Ashley’s ‘playmate’ on the events of PPC. He let Ashly do the risks in love, life and writing. He is like the person whom you can turn to when everyone is nowhere to be found. He is just Ashley’s secret guide.

Before I tackle the book three, let me commend Ms. Gypsy Esguerra on how she spoils my curiosity about Blake’s love story. I always thought that Blake’s partner would be discuss on the book four. But eventually I was wrong. So wrong. Kudos to this Miss Gypsy!

For me, the most alluring book on this series is indeed the book three. The part that affected me the most is when Caly stopped Blake’s wedding. I agree with how she reasoned on the way marriage is done out of convenience. You can’t just marry if both of you is not in love and ready to face the ordeals of life. On this book, it is Blake who found his self and worth to the woman he loves. He became the man every woman wish. He had an obnoxious past but when he saw Caly cry, he became the man every boy wanted to punch. He is the man who waits for the right time and is fearful to take the risks (well, at first) of pursuing the woman he loves.

As I closed the pages and put the books inside my bag, two things are clear to me.

  1. My own Blake is out there.
  2. The girls have showed the ERICKA to the world.


PS: Is this a book review? If it is, did I pass? J

Thank you Ms. Gypsy Esguerra. Is there a story for Ms. Blaire?

You can follow her on twitter: @gypsyesguerra

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