Nurse’s Notes: The Registered Nurse of the Philippines

Posted: February 19, 2013 in Events, Life, Nurse, Profession
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As a blogger by interest, it is not my attitude to leave my profession.

In fact, I am just waiting for the right time and right opportunity for it to happen.

2007-12-01 00.31.58

After four months, I received my Certificate of Board Rating and Certificate of Passing from the Professional Regulation Commission-Board of Nursing or the PRC-BON of the Philippines.


Though not as satisfactory as with the Top Notchers of my batch, I am happy with my Philippine Nurses Licensure Examination (PNLE) results. I always believe that ‘knowledge is measured by numbers in report cards‘. I can do more things beyond the world of nursing profession. In fact, I am an online content writer who writes and proofread project management articles of, contributes technology,sports, internet news to various sites, and at times I do some advertising consultations in some of the businesses in our locality. Oh, seems that my first love is reflected here. Well, I really am proud to say that nurses are versatile.

The profession that I really want is to be a business marketer or a business manager who graduated from University of the Philippines (UP). But because my mother did not want to process necessary papers for me to get in, I was not able to pursue my corporate dreams.

To make the story short, I landed in the University of San Agustin as part of my rebellious act after my ‘blocked’ entry to UP. I really enjoyed my stay at the over a hundred year old institution since I was molded to be Registered Nurse who have the keen observance to work ethics and by-laws of the Nursing profession. I also had a warm and cold times with my friends and classmates who knew me as ‘Madla’, ‘Madlang Earth’, ‘Kai’, ‘Rix’ and ‘Virgin, or just plain ‘Ericka’. With the best but not so perfect clinical instructors like Miss Maximina Dixon, Miss Mila Villanueva, Miss Mary Espino, Miss Viela Balbon, Mr. Christian Uy, Mr. Cookie Junsay,  my first to fourth year advisers, my SILABU (College of Nursing Publication/Paper) advisers and to those clinical instructors who made my  Related Learning Experience (RLE) and academic years memorable, you added spice to my existence in the university. A university stude is not complete without joining any organization. That is why being a member of the Augustinina Red Cross Youth and Tau Gamma Phi/Sigma Frasority was so awesome. These organizations balanced my kind and sadists personality while I was walking inside and outside the campus.

2007-12-01 04.15.22

Soon after graduation, with my friend Aquimar Jesson Alberca we hit SRG Review Center in preparation for our first PNLE last December 2011. But just like many others, our first time needed to be reviewed and revamped. That is why, we parted ways to find our luck for the second time. I went to RGO Review Center with my then boylet, and met a bunch of Fashion Breakers! Janine, Pearl, Charmaine, and I met for God’s purpose. Together, we reviewed the all corners of nursing in a table along with Auross, Jay-p, Gerald Theodol and all other review mates. We took off the PNLE June-July 2012 as a determined group named SNOTCHERS. When the results came, Theodol, Jay-p, Charmaine, Janine, and I passed. While the others will make another revenge.

2007-12-01 00.23.55

2007-12-01 04.28.29

With Janine, Aquimar or Kim,  Jay-p , Warren (My fourth year BSN classmate) and many more, we took the Nurse’s Oath last September 13, 2012.

2007-12-01 00.37.52

Just like the shining light of Iloilo Grand Hotel Function Room, my dreams as a registered nurse is starting to light the path of my gloomy life.

Love. Fashion. Life.

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