Nurse’s Notes: Benefits of Telecommuting

Posted: February 27, 2013 in Telecommuting, Work Outfits
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“Yes, I am working with my pajamas! And I am proud of my work outfit.”


The title may be odd since I am on the fashion niche, but every fashion breakers got a number of things to share. As a fashion blogger, it is also my task to share important facts about telecommuting and its benefits for an employee. Telecommuting employees such as fashion writers or editors of various fashion networks, newspapers, magazines and the like, are enjoying a variety of benefits in working at home or anywhere, aside from their company’s offices.

telecommutingBefore I will share what is the definition or description of telecommuting, let me clarify why I am posting this piece. I have mentioned in my previous posts that I am a content writer/copywriter of, which a company primarily based in the US. Last February 23, 2013, I visited a bookstore named BookSale, and bought a book that’s related to my career as a home-based content writer/copywriter. The book is entitled “Managing the Telecommuting Employee”, which was written by Michael Amigoni and Sandra Gurvis (2009). This book is actually intended for managers, but for the sake of knowledge and information I bought it.

According to the book, telecommuting is a term which refers to the practice of working outside the traditional office or workplace, usually at a small office or home office environment. This is a term rooted from the word ‘telework’ which was popularized by  Jack Nilles. These words are used interchangeably. As a discipline of working away from the physical set up of a company, I will talk about three of its benefits for a telecommuting employee like me.

Cuts down Expenses and Pollution

I am not a typical writer who wakes up every morning and dress to report to our office in the US or New Zealand. Instead, I wake up to sip a cup of hot coffee while checking my Gmail account for my new tasks, and I’m doing that still wearing my comfy sleep outfit. Yes, I am working with my pajamas! And I am proud of my work outfit. So much for what I look like when I work. And that’s one of the benefit of telecommuting. It cuts your expenses for clothing. You don’t have to spend for your car’s gas so you can be in the office by 8am. Driving from your home to your office sometimes stresses you especially when your place if jammed with traffics. You don’t have to buy clothes as an office outfit, or if your company have the standard uniform, you don’t have to spend for laundry. You can wear your pajamas like me when you are a telecommuting employee. Since offices are located not far from fast-food restaurants, you have to take a huge amount for lunch or even snacks. And eating in this way adds to garbage pollution. But when at home, you can ransack your fridge while keeping your grocery budget intact and keeping the environment safe from overcrowding garbage.

Enhances Effective Communication and Collaboration Skills

According to the book of Amigoni and Gurvis, “…telecommuters who worked in a well-organized programs state that they communicate effectively with supervisory and other company personnel than when they were in the office everyday”. As a fashion blogger and a Registered Nurse, I am expected to have an excellent communication and collaboration skills. Working as a content writer/copywriter and now as an SEO Expert of (Yes, I am considering myself as one since I am tasked with the SEO Optimisation Project at the moment.) for almost four months now, I am expected to deliver excellent communication and collaboration skills. But it is not enough for me since I need to enhance that, though I have been noted for my quick turn-around. Whenever I have major issues while I am working with my assigned tasks, I instantly report it to my superiors. I also made sure that my emails, which I refer as my project status report, that it has a specific subject. This way me, my bosses, and other members of our virtual team will be able to addressed the issue through our collaboration tools.

Achieves More Productivity with Less Time

Any company using telecommuting gains more with less. A project that is usually done for 3 weeks by a group of employees, is now done for a week by the virtual team. As for the employee of telecommuting, the tasks assigned are also done with an allocated time frame and still have a higher productivity. I, for one, could attest to this notion. For 9hours, I could complete three different tasks with a good response from my superiors. I am doing a lot of self-discipline and is working hard on how I should triage these tasks everyday. I see to it that I used my TimeDoctor appropriately for work and break time. And at the end of the day, I felt disbelief and fulfillment that I would always say, “Oh! I did those tasks for 9hours? Awesome achievement, my dear!”

I know that this post is a little bit far from the fashion world but its worth sharing, right?

PS: I give all credits and copyright to Mr. Michael Amigoni and Miss Sandra Gurvis, for without their book I wouldn’t have additional and solid knowledge and information about telecommuting. I am also acknowledging the owners of the photos I used in this post. Proper linking is done to your site. Thank you so much.

Love. Fashion. Life.


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