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A Handsome Nurse A Day Keeps My Worries Away???

George Clooney as ER Nurse

George Clooney as Dr. Doug Ross in ER

If the emergency room nurse is as handsome as Dr. Doug Ross, any female patient will be cured immediately. But being handsome is not a requirement to be a nurse in any setting. (more…)


Disclaimer: This post is my observation on my experience at a Philippine Government Hospital. I don’t intend to make any fuss on the health care agency of the Philippines. I just wanted to share what I have experience in an honest to goodness reality. After all, this blog is all about my love, fashion and life experiences and adventure.

“As a nurse, I am always called to render my service to anyone, especially to my family.”

Filipino NurseLast March 16, 2013, while working on my post about the casual weekend and PBA game, we received a call from my cousin informing us that her mother will be going to the hospital. She had attacks of chest pain the whole Saturday, and the pain worsened by 6pm. Here is my Nurse’s documentation of the event: (more…)

“480 steps and it’s worth it!”

Lunch has been served for us at Garin Farm and we were off to a enter our next and main agenda. We changed our clothing to start our photo shoot for the summer collection. But as we went out, the Pilgrimage area of the farm invited us to enter its gate.


“Visit a Farm and you’ll get unexpected surprises and experiences!”

We had a two-hour ride from Iloilo City, Philippines last March 10, 2013 to reach the fantastic Garin Farm, located at the town of San Joaquin, Iloilo. We took a red public utility jeepney of ‘Manong’ Freddy, who was so accommodating and nice. He even sent us straight to the farm for only PHP 70. For a regular, you could be at the farm for one and a half to two hour ride with a public jeepney or a CERES bus, which will bring you to the parking area for the Garin Farm’s tricycle. The farm’s tricycle will then bring you to the place. Thank you for the nice ride.

Garin Farm

We never go wrong when we showcased our fashionista side at night.”

With just a half moon and a little glitters from the stars of the night sky last March 02, 2013, we showed our fashionista side. We ditch our nurse’s uniform from time to time to allow our quirky and funny side to be known. It’s like we’re different persons when we’re not in uniform.


Spring Fashion


Spring Fashion





Our night was spiced with a lot of colors , which every girl’s positive attitude under the dark shadows of life.

Last night was even memorable since we did the ‘extraordinary’ just so we could have this fun shoot in front of the Iloilo TechnoHub Building. We asked the security guard on duty to take a group picture of us (even if he already said we’re not allowed to stand in concrete chair!).

Spring Fashion

Spring Fashion

PS: Pearl’s feet got shy with the silver shoes in the end.

We respect our differences, that’s why we are one hell of a group.”

Spring Fashion (more…)