Wanderlust: Fantastic Garin Farm Adventure

Posted: March 11, 2013 in Travel
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“Visit a Farm and you’ll get unexpected surprises and experiences!”

We had a two-hour ride from Iloilo City, Philippines last March 10, 2013 to reach the fantastic Garin Farm, located at the town of San Joaquin, Iloilo. We took a red public utility jeepney of ‘Manong’ Freddy, who was so accommodating and nice. He even sent us straight to the farm for only PHP 70. For a regular, you could be at the farm for one and a half to two hour ride with a public jeepney or a CERES bus, which will bring you to the parking area for the Garin Farm’s tricycle. The farm’s tricycle will then bring you to the place. Thank you for the nice ride.

Garin Farm

Upon our arrival, we were greeted by the very pleasant and accommodating Security Guards and entry staffs. They volunteered in taking our group photos. They also gave us tips on how to make the most of our stay in the farm. With this, we made a notion that people of San Joaquin, Iloilo, Philippines are so warm, kind, hospitable and accommodating!

???????????????????????????????Fashion Breakers at Garin Farm IMG_4110 Fashion Breakers at Garin Farm
Amazed by the beauty of the trail, we took turns in taking our photos.  We always find it hard to take pictures when we had our photo shoots. So we are doing this ‘change roles’, every time.  When we found someone along the way, we asked them to take a couple of group pictures for us. We really need a photographer for our photo shoots.  Thankfully the Garin Farm staff was so pleasant and nice enough to take our photos.

Garin Farm TrailGarin Farm and Fashion Breakers Fashion Breakers at Garin FarmFashion Breakers at Garin Farm Fashion Breakers at Garin Farm

Entering the farm, we were greeted by a long trail, which is a perfect aisle for weddings! The trail was approximately 350m from the entrance to the restaurant on Garin Farm. And that requires a golf cart for you to reach the restaurant if you are hungry. But for the adventurous and witty fashion breakers, we decided to have a walk-a-thon. Garin Farm is full of farm crops and vegetables from the Filipino children’s song, ‘Bahay Kubo’.

Garin FarmFashion Breakers at Garin Farm

There were flowers to spice the farm’s color. You just have to catch them in the most intricate lens of your eyes.

Garin Farm Garin Farm Garin Farm

Garin Farm, San Joaquin, Iloilo

Animals from McDonald’s farm would be shy if they will see the amazing farm animals here. The farm animals were taken well by the staff . Beware that you could smell animal fragrance while you walk on the trail or aisle. It’s the fragrance of the farm that will certainly placed you in a ‘farmly’ reality. There’s also a ‘Bahay Kubo’, which pictures the typical house of Filipinos at the farm. We didn’t mind the smell nor the distance of the trail, since we were out to have a nice photo shoot in every detail of the farm. We even wished that one of us will be married in this place.

Garin Farm Garin Farm SeafoodsFashion Breakers at Garin Farm Garin Farm Ice Cream Garin Farm Ice CreamFashion Breakers at Garin Farm Fashion Breakers at Garin Farm Fashion Breakers at Garin Farm Fashion Breakers at Garin Farm

After a long walk, our stomachs really growled and our feet sobbed. So we dined at the Garin Farm’s restaurant for ‘Pinalabtog na Manok’, Seafood Chosuey, Calamansi juice, and the farm’s specially made ice cream. But I was a little bit devastated since Mongo Burger was not available at that time. I have seen it on the farm’s website and was really curious for its taste. Next time, maybe my tongue would get to taste that Mongo Burger.

A nice tip for those who will go to the farm. It is nice to take a visit to the farm’s website, www.garinfarm.com, first before going there. This would acquaint you with the rates and services the farm is offering. This way, it would not be hard and time-consuming for you to order the foods or on what activities will you be doing on the farm.

Garin Farm Pilgrimage Garin Farm Garin FarmKayaking at Garin Farm

While eating, we noticed an additional number of pleasures at the Garin Farm. We already mentioned the long trail of vegetables and other farm crops, and farm animals as well as the ‘Bahay Kubo’, which depicts the agriculture. There’s the swimming pool, kayaking boats, and zip line for leisure. And there’s Noah’s Ark,  a 480 steps stair, and a towering cross to acquaint you for an unforgettable pilgrimage.

KUDOS GARIN FARM! Thank you for accommodating our fashion photo shoot. Till we meet again for that MONGO BURGER!

And lastly, we make impossible things possible to reach for our goals and most of the times we were paid with memories full of surprises and learning experiences.


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