Wanderlust: Taking The Holy Steps at Garin Farm Pilgrimage

Posted: March 11, 2013 in Travel
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“480 steps and it’s worth it!”

Lunch has been served for us at Garin Farm and we were off to a enter our next and main agenda. We changed our clothing to start our photo shoot for the summer collection. But as we went out, the Pilgrimage area of the farm invited us to enter its gate.


The stairs to reach the white Divine Mercy Cross was so holy that we don’t have the reason to back out. Just like us, anyone would wonder the beauty and sacredness of reaching the cross. Looking at it would urge you to count how many steps would it take you to reach the top. It also lures you on what it is to be there with the Holy Cross. There are a number of questions that could linger into your mind upon looking at the cross. And you will get the answers once you had your last steps.

Garden of Eden

Noah's ArcNoahFashion Breakers at Garin Farm Fashion Breakers at Garin Farm

We started our pilgrimage with the Garden of Eden and Noah’s Arc. It reminds us of our childhood where our parents and elders its story as our bedtime tryptophan. Adam and Eve in a beautifully designed garden is the first sight in the pilgrimage. Second to it is the stoned of animals, the arc and the statue of Noah, which are positioned intricately on the entrance of Garin Farm’s Pilgrimage. Next to it is the Ten Commandments being held by the human-size statue of Moses. It is delicately written in a stoned large pack of cement designed as scroll. It reminds us how God set rules and how we should obey them accordingly.

Station of the Cross at Garin Farm Station of the Cross at Garin Farm Station of the Cross at Garin Farm Station of the Cross at Garin Farm

With almost 30 steps, we reach the first station of the Cross. The stairs going to the Divine Cross is equipped with Station of the Cross where you could see how Jesus was born, condemned, died, and resurrected. It’s a splendid work of man to portray Jesus in a human-size statues. I wonder who is the architect or designer of Garin Farm’s pilgrimage area. Keeping you aware with how Jesus born, lived, died, and resurrected, the stations allows you to reflect on how your life is going at present times.

Rest at Garin Farm Pilgrimage

The stations also allows you to have a little rest when you are tired or when you want to take a group picture for your scrap book. The farm’s pilgrimage also provided comfort rooms near the stations.

Fashion Breakers at Garin Farm Pilgrimage Fashion Breakers at Garin Farm Pilgrimage Fashion Breakers at Garin Farm Pilgrimage Fashion Breakers at Garin Farm Pilgrimage

Taking our last 100 steps was so nerve-wracking. ‘This is it! We’re on top!’. Just below the Holy Cross is the human-size Jesus. You could be with Him while sitting on the provided seats. We had our little moments with Him for reflection. After which, we headed up to the cross.

Jesus I Trust In You Garin Farm Pilgrimage

‘WOW!’ The words I first exclaimed when I stepped and saw what was in the Holy Cross. The Cross gave us the beauty of the Panay Island mountain ranges.  It captured our hearts.

Holy Cross at Garin Farm Holy Cross at Garin Farm

The Garin Farm staff informed us that they usually climbed the mountain every Holy Week. With this, I wished I had a free time this coming Holy Week to experience climbing the mountain, which I now consider as Holy as the Cross. I then asked the staff how many steps the stairs was. And my counting so correct! I had made a promise to count the how many steps it would take us to reach the top. And when I failed to have the correct one, I’ll re-count them. ‘It’s 480 steps and it’s worth it.’ The farm’s staff also told us on the construction of a chapel behind the cross. It would be a great place for the Sacrament of Marriage, and Baptism.

Garin Farm Pilgrimage

As we left the Garin Farm’s pilgrimage area, one thing is buried on my mind. The beauty of being on top with the Holy Cross is as great as being the child of Jesus. You just have to believe that you can reach it even if it takes you a thousand years, a dam of sweat, a library of unwanted words, and a volcano of perseverance. You just have to have a strong fate to make your ‘journey from creation to ascension’. With this, looking to the area where you started your first step, you could feel achievement and fulfillment.


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