A Handsome Nurse A Day Keeps My Worries Away???

George Clooney as ER Nurse

George Clooney as Dr. Doug Ross in ER

If the emergency room nurse is as handsome as Dr. Doug Ross, any female patient will be cured immediately. But being handsome is not a requirement to be a nurse in any setting.

For a telecommuting employee, who is working for nine hours daily, cutting your working hours over an emergency situation is a must. I swap my roles and responsibilities in my link building tasks to become an emergency nurse for my aunt last March 21, 2013, 3pm. She was having chest pains again, which I suspected as a real heart attack.

Upon seeing her pale and sweaty face, I called the local ambulance and rushed her to the emergency room of a known private hospital in our city. There she was assessed, and attended by the emergency room (ER) nurses. The facility is by far the most advanced in terms of technological equipments in health within our locality. The manpower were also keen enough to render their immediate service. But only one ER nurse has caught my very panoramic and observant eyebrows.

Divulging this nurse’s name would mean nothing to me, but I choose not to do so to maintain his privacy. Let me just present a glimpse in my memory bank. He is a volunteer nurse, whom I knew as my review center colleague a year ago at RGO Review Center. He graduated from the other university, nearing the University of San Agustin. I must say that he’s handsome enough to be noticed but not tall enough to be drooled into. So much for his description, after all it is not the looks that matters in the field of Nursing. Let me present to you the good-for-handsome-nurse-mistake he did while rendering his ‘care’ to my aunt.Clopidogrel Plavix

45 Degree To Giving A Medication

Being assigned to a patient with suspected Myocardial Infarction (MI), he is tasked to give medications like Clopidogrel. One thing that raised my eyebrows on this was the way he executed this task. He just informed my aunt that she should take the medication. My aunt just nodded. He then gave the loading dose of the medication, which was 4 tablets in all. My aunt then exclaimed about the bitter taste. Knowing that Clopidogrel tastes bitter,  he should have explained to my aunt about the taste beforehand. I then wonder if he is a knowledgeable nurse. How could an ER volunteer nurse give medications without following the 7 or ten rights in giving the medications to patients? How could he be a great nurse if just being a volunteer, he’s committing or omitting simple nursing actions or skills?

90 Degree To Wiping The Dirt

ER Nurse UniformSince my aunt’s condition requires the handsome nurse to checked the Blood Pressure (BP) regularly, he was tasked to do it every 15 minutes. On his second attempt to do his routine, my aunt puke. This incident was stimulated by the bitter Clopidogrel. Because, he was standing near my aunt, some vomitus splashed in his ‘very clean white nurse uniform’. I eyed him and saw disbelief in his eyes. He then removed the stain in his ‘heavenly white nurse uniform’, leaving my aunt attended. Without his assistance, I grabbed a kidney basin from my aunt’s bedside, and placed it below her chin for the next round of vomiting. I then looked around and saw mixed emotions from the ER staff. Most of them were dismayed, pointing out that Clopidogrel was vomited  which means that they have to give again the medication. Having these mixed emotions plastered into their faces, I wanted to shout at them this words, ‘Hey! Do your job here! ‘Thankfully, a nurse assistant assisted me. She discarded the vomitus in the kidney basin, while I get a face towel to remove some residue on my aunt’s mouth, neck and right arm. Wiping the residue and asking the nurse assistant to change the clothes of my aunt, I saw that handsome nurse, wiping his ‘heavenly white uniform’ with a piece of cotton ball, which I presumed to be soaked in Isopropyl alcohol.

His actions made by eyebrows to lift even higher. How could he do the cleaning of his uniform when he is needed by his patient? Is he not passionate about his nursing profession? Does he really value the Nursing theories especially Nightingale’s theory on environment with just a small unnoticeable stain on his ‘heavenly white nurse uniform’? I really can’t figure why his looks and grooming matters more than his patient.

What do you think of these actions taken by an Emergency Room Nurse?

Life. Fashion. Life.


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