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“My closet is my sanctuary.”

A girl’s closet is a treasure worth keeping for. That’s why I have been keen on who can see mine. Letting other people walk inside your closet means you allow them to be with you. You permit them to see who you really are when you are inside your closet.

Fashion in My Closet



“Where have you been?”

Most people are asking where have I been since I’ve been not active on Facebook for sometime. Well, for your information, Facebook is not the only place you can see me if you are eager enough to be with me. So why bother asking me? Some people just settle for a place because most people live in that certain place. Can you just go or make your own place?


“A positive morning would decline if not taken strategically.”

I am a positive person who takes everything with strategies and organization, so Mondays won’t bother me. That was what I thought.

As the day progress, I hit a number of things which I thought was planned accordingly. I got my licensed identification card, met a couple of friends, and even had a meeting with a company. They all went through well, but between the lines, there were negative vibes lurking in.