“A positive morning would decline if not taken strategically.”

I am a positive person who takes everything with strategies and organization, so Mondays won’t bother me. That was what I thought.

As the day progress, I hit a number of things which I thought was planned accordingly. I got my licensed identification card, met a couple of friends, and even had a meeting with a company. They all went through well, but between the lines, there were negative vibes lurking in.

Factors that Contributes to Sundown Syndrome

Processing PRC-ID

I planned to go early at the Philippine Professional Regulation Office (PRC) Region VI for my Nurse License ID. But unfortunately, I got frustrated and disgusted by the queue. Almost all professions were queuing – nurses, teachers, policemen, accountants and other professions. T my disgust, the regulation body only accommodate 150 persons per day for the PRC ID. A single profession, like registered nurses, are over one thousand in one region. With this system, how can they give the PRC ID of thousands of professionals? I knew that the regulation body now has an online program. But that only caters for those new applicants or newly passed professionals. How can this office make amends with the turtling system? How can the hassles and pesters of queuing earlier than a rooster’s crooks will be eliminated soon? And how can they help avoid the leave of absence from work just to go to the PRC office? I am praying to God that one day, these worries will be answered positively.

Planning Time at Coffee Break Cafe

I did not get my license ID, so I headed to a nearby branch of Coffee Break Cafe. I skipped a cup of coffee and ordered a snack to shut my frustrated stomach at the cafe.

Tuna Club Sandwhich

Over the Tuna Club sandwich, Ham Hawaiian pizza, canned soda, and bottled water, I had a a great talk with my friends, Janine and Charmaine.

At Army and Navy Store

We went an Army and Navy store to get a patch for Charmaine’s uniform and to buy a belt and buckle for my cousin who’s having a Citizenship Advancement training as a high school senior. Luckily for us, we it took the wrong public utility jeepney. We should have took the one which would bring us to Army and Navy store. The wrong jeepney dropped us, a kilometer far from the store, so we had o walk. A negative energy, by the way.


Having A Meeting with Loved Ones at 88 Point Restaurant

Fashion Breakers at 88 Point Restaurant

Tita’s son, Vincent and Janine

With our growling stomachs, we headed to meet Tita at 88 Point Restaurant. Tita’s place is our go to place during our review days at the RGO Review Center. For always taking our lunch and quick stay after review in her place, we got to know each other. And she and her staff witnessed how we surpass every review drills, pre-board exams, and lectures from the reviewers to become a registered nurse of the Philippines. She had made a mark in our hearts that we made a deal to visit her once in a while. And while taking our lunch, we shared what we have been doing to her. We reported what are our current work and the latest event that we went to. She’s like our mother in the kitchen. She poured foods in our stomach to get what we strive for while giving us advices. Today, she gave us Indian mangoes from their house.

Indian Mango Mango

Networking Company Blues

While we’re discussing how we’d meet our friend Auross, who’s now a medical representative, two guys approached our table. They asked whether they can share beauty products with us. As a female specie, me and my friends got interested and dived in to a 30 minute talk with them. I told them we just have small time for them since we’re meeting our friend in the nearby hospital.

Taking his offer was a great risk. RB motioned us to follow him at their company’s office, which apparently was located near the RGO Review Center. He and his colleagues introduced us to the company and discussed the pros and cons of being with the company. I got a hold of networking company years before that I knew what’s the hidden gem of the company. Every time a colleague comes in, they’d introduce us and the talk took longer than agreed. Two hours had passed and our friend was fussing thru text where we were. We even asked professionally if we could leave, but it seems that they didn’t care about professionalism. The time we spent there was wasted and we didn’t meet our friend Auross. This became a major loss of our epinephrine.

Meeting An Uncertain Friend

Maerrol Ormas Cañada of RGO Review CenterWhile we waited to get a ride, we got a quick talk and a group hug from our Ma’am Maerrol Cañada. of RGO Review Center. It seems that we haven’t seen each other for 20 years! We’re happy to see each other after the July 2012 Philippine Nurses Licensure Exam (PNLE). It’s really good to see someone who helped you in what you are now. Ma’am Maerrol will always be our sister and friend who knows how to leverage our profession as a nurse. Thank you Ma’am. See you when we see you!

A good to know fact is that RGO was the portal of our friendship. God made a reason why me, Janine, Charmaine, Pearl, Auross, and our other boys met last March 2013 at the review center. It maybe our second chance but our first to meet these bunch of people who fortunately brought realizations, and meaning into our lives. The RGO review center will always be our sanctuary as we found each other to claim what was not been given to us for the first time. It is a place where second chances are much sweeter than the first.


Having these activities burns our deposited kilocalories so fast that I felt the sundown syndrome enveloping my system. Sundown Syndrome, also called as ‘sundowning’, is a condition characterized by the appearance of confusion, agitation, anxiety, resistance to screaming or yelling and neuropsychiatric symptoms in the late afternoon or at night. So to recharge myself, I asked my friends to grab something at McDonald’s.

Before I end this post, I don’t have the syndrome. I just got Monday’s blues. (*wink*)


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