“Where have you been?”

Most people are asking where have I been since I’ve been not active on Facebook for sometime. Well, for your information, Facebook is not the only place you can see me if you are eager enough to be with me. So why bother asking me? Some people just settle for a place because most people live in that certain place. Can you just go or make your own place?

But since I’m back on Facebook, which is of course temporarily again, I’ll give you a not-so-fun fact. Along with a couple of trolls, huntsman, and gnomes, three fairy fashion breakers were there harnessing and supporting the lost me by just ‘two steps behind’. At the time when I was just lost in the forest of ‘Finding and Retrieving Myself’, I realized some things which pushed me to grow up.

Retrieving what had been lost was not easy when you enter the forest. But if you’re eager to bring back the old you, you can have it in return. Loving yourself more than anything else is the most retrievable thing on earth. With the fashion fairies, I have regain my love  and confidence to myself. I have brought a new character into my being by loving what I already have as a person. And this character and persona will always be my weapon to face my love, fashion and life adventures.

One thing I that struck me the hardest in the forest is the fact that some friends you knew are not what you thought. They may be are your friends but at most corners, they’re not. It’s so painful for me to see that some of them, of course the best of them, had not been true to me. I have figured that some best friends judged and will keep judging because they haven’t seen the real you, even if you have been friends for so long. Some best friends didn’t know what you need, what you strive for, and what you wish for. Some will just treat you as their best friend because they want you to be their chaperon, and others will just make you believe that you’re their best friend because they don’t have no one when their significant others or boyfriend is away. Worst of all, some friends does not you’re hurt when they see you as someone like Marilyn Monroe who wears corsets and skimpy bikinis just to seduce the opposite sex. Thankfully, the forest had shed a light on my head and heart not to bother this kind of ‘friends’ anymore, as they bring nothing but, well, nothing.

Ready To Love

Another thing that banged my head is my ways on how to deal with trust and relationships. Because I had been a melodramatic, I was in love with the notion that I am indeed in love. This was the character that brought me to distraught and mistakes. But with the fashion fairies and some of the trolls, huntsman, and gnomes, I became resistant in trusting an opposite sex into starting or having a relationship. As a new me, I am hesitant to make any special connections with a male specie. But as of the moment only. I have not seen someone who’s worthy to have my attention, and eventually my love.

Growing up is accepting what had happened and moving on as a stronger and better person with a blossoming career and profession. Being able to grow up along with some true friends who gives importance to you as a human person is the most memorable moment you have in life.

Am I this sentimental to say my goodbyes again?


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