“My closet is my sanctuary.”

A girl’s closet is a treasure worth keeping for. That’s why I have been keen on who can see mine. Letting other people walk inside your closet means you allow them to be with you. You permit them to see who you really are when you are inside your closet.

Fashion in My Closet

My closet is a portal to who I am as a fashion breaker. Way back, I was a girl who wore jeans and simple tops. But as years go by, which is by the way driven by experiences, I revamped my closet to something fiercer and stronger yet vibrant and colorful. My closet is a home to a dozen of skirts in different colors and style; five skinny jeans in different textures, colors and style; tops or blouses of all sorts, a dozen of new and old dresses alike; a number of accessories, both bought by myself and given by persons who admired and treasured me; basic and must-have shoes and sandals whom I bought from my own money; small, medium, and large bags of any style; and of course, scrapbook  journals where I have wrote everything about my adventures in the last five years (I am not writing on a journal now, by the way). These are the things I kept and sometimes show so the world would know who I am as a person.

Fashion in the Closet

My closet is my inner power. It energizes me whenever I grab any stuff on it to combat the challenges the world has for me. With this power,  I have the can make it exclusive ONLY to the persons whom I knew would stand ‘two steps behind me’. Exclusive in the sense that I can prevent those who wanted to see you closet  because of an envious plot.

Love. Fashion. Life.

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