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“Unlocking the mystery of an island is a great experience.”

The negativity of rain woke us on the day when we decided to visit Gigantes Island in Carles, Iloilo. It was Saturday in Sicogon island, and we were told that no boat would take us to the neighboring island because the people were going to attend the Saturday mass. Saturday was a holy day for them, so we have a 10-90 chance of going to Gigantes.

Fashion Breakers at Isla de Higantes



“Visiting a small island is never boring.”

Fashion Breakers in an Island

Tumaquin┬áIsland┬áis a pint of earth’s creation that’s located half kilometer away from Sicogon Island in Carles, Iloilo, Philippines. It’s an island everyone would love for it gives you a peace and contentment. It’s an island where you would want to live forever.

Sicogon Island. Who would have thought of this beautiful island? Who would have thought that it was rich in history? So, let’s explore how fashion breakers left a print to the people of Sicogon Island.