Wanderlust: Explore Sicogon Island

Posted: May 26, 2013 in Travel
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Sicogon Island. Who would have thought of this beautiful island? Who would have thought that it was rich in history? So, let’s explore how fashion breakers left a print to the people of Sicogon Island.

The Travel

From the city of Iloilo, I took a four hour ride via L3 van to Estancia, Iloilo port last May 24, 2013.

Sicogon IslandSicogon Island

There, a local boat owned by the Dapiton Family in Sicogon Island was waiting for us. By the way, a companion has a close relation to the family so we had the privilege to visit and explore the beauty of the island. It then drove us to the island for almost an hour. While nearing the island I can’t help but admire the scenery of its shore, it’s terrains, and its highest peak, which the Sicogon locals called ‘Upaw’. Then a whisper enveloped me to dig  deeper on the history and mystery of the island.

The Arrival

As we came nearer the island, we were amazed by the long  trail of white sand. It’s as if the island was welcoming our arrival.

How To Get To The Sicogon IslandSicogon Island Shore Wonders of Sicogon Island Secrets of Sicogon Island White Sand in Sicogon Island White Beach at Sicogon IslandSicogon Island Visitors

A smaller boat took us to the shore so our clothes won’t be wet. As visitors of the island, we were asked to register our names in a logbook given to us by the island police.

 There’s no cellular network tower was situated in the island, that’s why every visitor is alerted to this circumstance beforehand.  Electricity is also a boon in the island. Their main source of electricity is solar, though some families have an electrical generator to provide light during night time. However, the generator is only good until 10pm.

Rocks at Sicogon Fun in Sicogon Fashion Breakers in Sicogon IslandWhere to Stay in SicogonFashion Breakers in Sicogon Island Beauty of Sicogon Island

The Courtesy Call

It’s a customary for a place’s visitor to pay respect to the leader. So, clad in our gypsy outfits, we took a walk along the seashore to visit and pay our respect to the island’s caretaker and owner Mr. Edmund Sarrosa.

Sicogon IslandResort in Sicogon Island Girls in Sicogon IslandShores in Sicogon Island Sicogon Island, Carles

Upon reaching Mr. Sarrosa’s house, we were informed by the island police that he’s not around. He’s at Brgy. Buaya, Sicogon Island plaza, watching the basketball game. The game and other festivities were done for the fiesta.

Sicogon IslandSicogon Island, Carles, PhilippinesFashion Breakers in Sicogon IslandFashion Breakers in Sicogon IslandPeople of Sicogon Island

He got a nice cottage for tourists like us. Flowers like bougainvilla adorn the landscape of his place. We saw three houses inside his compound, which are all built to accommodate tourists who wanted to feel the island.

Flowers in Sicogon Island Resort in Sicogon Island Sicogon Island, Philippines Sicogon Island, Philippines

But unfortunately we didn’t see the other parts and the interior of the cottage since we’re told that Mr. Sarrosa would not come back until the basketball game is finished. Hopefully, we could see it when we come back to the island.


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