Wanderlust: Unlocked thy Gigantes Island

Posted: May 29, 2013 in Travel
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“Unlocking the mystery of an island is a great experience.”

The negativity of rain woke us on the day when we decided to visit Gigantes Island in Carles, Iloilo. It was Saturday in Sicogon island, and we were told that no boat would take us to the neighboring island because the people were going to attend the Saturday mass. Saturday was a holy day for them, so we have a 10-90 chance of going to Gigantes.

Fashion Breakers at Isla de Higantes

Fortunately, the rain stopped by 7am and one of Dapiton family’s neighbor allowed us to borrow their boat. We then prepared our food and gears for our trip.  and most importantly, we prepared ourselves for our fashion breaking photo shoot on the island. We adorned ourselves with beach hats, scarves, fashion accessories, make-up and most especially, SPF 40 Sunscreen lotion.

It was about an hour boat ride from Sicogon to Gigantes group of island. The weather is great and the sea was calm and gentle as we drive to our destination. Travelling by sea is so calming for a busy and problematic person. The sea waves and the breeze of the wind would kiss you with the promise of safety and security.

Gigantes Group of Islands 942353_202858453201190_799027675_n Higantes Island

Before we reach the group of island, we passed a stranded fisherman. His boat ran out of gas. So, our companions threw a rope unto him so we could drag his boat to Gigantes. The fisherman was living in Gigantes and was even joked by our tour guides that he shouldn’t have gone fishing on Saturdays. With this, I was amazed by the kindness, and helping hand of the people of Sicogon to others.

As we came nearer the Gigantes group of islands, we saw a number of service boats in the entrance of Tangke Lagoon. It is a place where most tourists go when they visit the island because of its sacredness and beauty. It’s a place which could help you in finding your inner balance.

The Journey to Pawikan Cave

Isla de Higantes

Because of the number of people at that time, our tour guides decided to bring us on the other side of the island. We were amazed by the rocky cliff of the island that I even joked of climbing it. Looking into the rocky edge of the island, you would wonder how great God is in creating this kind of beauty. Even I can’t explain until this moment the feeling I felt when I saw those creations. It was as if I’m in Neverland.

Pawikan Cave in Gigantes Island

Climbing the island was a great idea. Our tour guides urged us to see the beauty secret of the island by climbing the rock bolder without any gear. The climb was fun and adventurous as one could step on a painful granite rock unexpectedly. Another ordeal on our climb was the slippery and wet feeling brought by the morning rain. Stepping in the mud became helpful for us though our feet became dirty. Wet shrubs and bushes welcomed and guided our trail as we climbed and went down inside the island’s secret.

Fashionable Tourist at Gigantes Island

For almost 15minutes of climbing and trailing the forest of Gigantes Island, we reached one of its secrets, the Pawikan (Turtle) cave. According to our tour guides, it’s the easiest cave to visit for anyone would not have a hard time in entering and exploring the cave.  The cave was called Pawikan because there was a big granite stone formed as a Pawikan (Turtle) on the entrance of the cave. We could still see the hole where the stone was unearthed years ago. It was said to be taken by one of the locals of the island because it has gold underneath.

Then you go deeper into the cave, you could find this long root, which is believed to be sacred by the people of the island. From the cave’s floor, this root can bring you of the ceiling of the cave.
Isla de Higantes

The cave’s entrance was as breathtaking as the inside, that’s minus the vandalism done by tourists. We were saddened by how tourists and locals made markings to the sacred place. If the cave could just speak, they would not do such vandalism. Thankfully, there still portions of the cave that does not have markings or writings. Hopefully, the people will preserve it for generations.

The Exclusive Invitation From Tangke Lagoon

Isla de Higantes

After our journey to Pawikan cave, we decided to eat our lunch at the Cabugao Island. It’s one of the islands in Gigantes that offers the Boracay feel. The story of our adventure here will be posted next. So I’ll just give you the benefit of the doubt, for now.

Lagoon in Gigantes IslandIsla de Higantes

1 o’clock in the afternoon was an excellent time to take the exclusive invitation from Tangke Lagoon. As we arrived at the entrance of the lagoon, we saw tourists of different genre piled in the entrance. They’re all locating their service boat, as they’re going to their next activity. When the people were almost out of the lagoon, we climbed and see the plethora of promise the tangle lagoon has.

Isla Higantes Tangke Lagoon

It was low tide at that time, so Tangke lagoon allowed us to check its every corner. We were happy because of the exclusivity it gave us that moment. No one was there except us, fashion breakers. No one could see how fashion breakers took pictures and how fashion breakers were awed and satisfied by the beauty and sacredness of the island.Gigantes Island

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