Wanderlust: Exclusive Summer in Isla de Gigantes

Posted: June 1, 2013 in Travel
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“Summer is the most colorful season.”

Isla de Gigantes

The colors of summer are always fun and vibrant for everyone. They make us realize that after that rainy and snowy days, we will always have a bright sunny day. They’re bringing smiles and laughters that no one can steal. So, to present our way of showcasing the colors of summer, we headed to the beautiful group of island in Carles, Iloilo, Philippines. It’s called Isla de Gigantes group of islands.

Clad in maxi summer dresses, we explore one island called Cabugao Island. It’s located next to the island where Tangke Lagoon is located. Its shore is white as it is composed of bits of dead sea corals and pearl sands. The sand, which is a nice place for tourist to unwind, is accentuated by a number of coconut trees and rocks. It actually looks like a bridge connecting the portions of the island.

Isla de Gigantes

We arrived there in time for our lunch. There are bamboo-made tables provided for tourists who wanted to pig out. But there’s no restaurant or resort where you can buy your foods and drinks. It is advised that you must bring your own foods and drinks. Amenities like comfort room/toilet and bath and dressing room are also located on the island.

Fashion Breakers in Isla de Gigantes

 As our service boat landed on the island, there are a number of other tourists, who at some point looked at us with different expressions and impressions. Most were awed by our arrival, because we were clad in our long  colorful summer dresses. However, some glared at us as if we violated the most forbidden rule of summer as well as the island’s outfit regulation. We just shrug this so-called glare, so as not to ruin our beautiful and colorful summer escapade.

Fashion Breakers in Isla de Gigantes

After our lunch we stroll on the island, and took lots of pictures .  The sea water engulfed our wary souls because it’s very clear and clean. You can see what are in the bottom of the sea through it. It’s a fancy that this island is such a beauty where fashion breakers realized how it could bring satisfaction, happiness and peace to each person who visited the island. This island is a place where we realize that we could always find a great place to implement our fashion style and fashion sense without the bickering noise of people.

The Cabugao Island is one of the places where Fashion Breakers will always find a home. It’s the island that will forever be treasured by the four of us. It’s the island where the colors of summer will captivate your heart and soul.

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