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“Keeping my professional identity with a valid Identification Card.”

Just like any other Registered Nurse of the Philippines, embracing the professional world starts with a professional identification card. I got my professional ID from the Philippine Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) – Iloilo Branch last July 3, 2013. My ID was long overdue. I passed the nurse licensure examination last June 2012, and I applied for my ID on September 9, 2012. If I would count the months, days, and hours, my wait would show as 9months, 22days, and 13hours. I would not utter another word for my disgust on the  PRC system as it would flourish for a long and controversial story. Just to fill your curiosity, the story of how I got my professional ID was a little bit disgusting yet fulfilling. I took the queuing moments, the ‘here-and-there’, the ‘pointing of fingers’ and the ‘appointment with the PRC-Iloilo’s secretary’.  And it all ends with me holding my professional ID.

PRC Identification Card of Nurses



“Sometimes you need to mouthed who you really are.”

“I’m just like any woman who don’t wake up with perfect hair, who don’t mind eating a Big Mac instead of salad, who don’t wear 50 pounds of make-up, who’d rather spend the day in sweatpants, skirts and dresses, who love loose-fitting shirts and blouses, who don’t get all the guys, who aren’t ‘popular’ but feel like it, when they’re with their true friends.

Ordinary Woman is Ericka Jane Estrellado

I’m just a woman who sticks to flat shoes and wedges instead of heels, who isn’t afraid to break or follow trends, who don’t always get an own way; who don’t get everything I want, and who don’t need a guy to tell me I am beautiful. I’m just me—a nobody who wanted to be somebody’s somebody.