“Keeping my professional identity with a valid Identification Card.”

Just like any other Registered Nurse of the Philippines, embracing the professional world starts with a professional identification card. I got my professional ID from the Philippine Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) – Iloilo Branch last July 3, 2013. My ID was long overdue. I passed the nurse licensure examination last June 2012, and I applied for my ID on September 9, 2012. If I would count the months, days, and hours, my wait would show as 9months, 22days, and 13hours. I would not utter another word for my disgust on the  PRC system as it would flourish for a long and controversial story. Just to fill your curiosity, the story of how I got my professional ID was a little bit disgusting yet fulfilling. I took the queuing moments, the ‘here-and-there’, the ‘pointing of fingers’ and the ‘appointment with the PRC-Iloilo’s secretary’.  And it all ends with me holding my professional ID.

PRC Identification Card of Nurses

A Certified Registered Nurse is equipped with a Professional Identification Card, and everybody knows that. You cannot call anyone a Registered Nurse if she didn’t graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in an authorized College or University, haven’t passed the Nurse’s Licensure Examination, and don’t have a professional ID. And without these three things, she can’t implement nursing care in any setting.

A professional identification card for nurses is a proof that she is a duly certified nurse who is capable of rendering the nursing care with love and care. It is a representation of a nurse’s validity to work in a hospital, hospice care, or community. This ID is a signage which shows a nurse’s individuality to other professions.

 Professional Identification Card of Nurses

Having my professional ID for nurses is like the beginning of an end. Why? It’s because I have to put an end  in one of the chapters of my life so I can write a new chapter. I am now writing the last 5 pages of my career and is drafting the first page of my life as a professional nurse. And time will tell when would I announced the end of my current career as an online marketing assistant.


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