The First Birthday I Had

Posted: August 2, 2013 in Events, Life
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“When was the last time you look at your first birthday picture?”

My First Birthday Party

After work today, I had to log-in to my Facebook account to make a quick and short response to my friend, George. I had nothing to do after which. Then a brilliant idea came into me.

I checked on the Facebook account of my Aunt Andrea and saw a picture of my first birthday! It was taken when we were staying in San Pablo City, Laguna, Philippines. And as I was looking at it, I was awed how the things in the picture depicted the things that I fancy today.

A white Batman balloon, marshmallows and hotdogs on sticks, and the blue baby jumpsuit relates to my cravings and favorites. I love Batman than Superman. This is because, Batman is a mysterious guy in the dark and is willing to help persons in need when darkness strikes. I eat marshmallows more often than chocolates. I prefer the soft feel when you touch a mallow and its sweetness is balanced. And marshmallows are not messy when you eat them, which is unlike the chocolates. Furthermore, I love hotdogs more than nuggets! Eating hotdogs on sticks with all the ketchup and mayonnaise is a stress-relieving moment for me. It brings a lot of childhood memories especially birthday parties!

As for the Blue Baby Jumpsuit, I will say that it resembles the color of clothes I prefer to wear today. I love to match my blue, of any shade, blouses and dresses to my pants, shorts and skirts. And whenever I’m wearing my blue clothes and apparels, I feel like the Virginess of the Blue and Calm Sky.


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