Wanderlust: A Date at Joe-liciosso

Posted: August 8, 2013 in Bonding Moments, Food and Drinks, Restaurant
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“Who would resist a date at Joe-liciosso?”

Yes, no one could resist a date at Joe-liciosso. I am no exemption to that as w0I was enticed and enthralled by the sumptuous offering of Joe-liciosso restaurant.

Ericka Jane Estrellado

Joe-liciosso Restaurant is a place located in the City of Love’s ‘insurance’ street, because it was fronting the offices of insurance companies.

Janine Balasa

Passing through the Iloilo Freedom Grandstand, and the old City Hall, I asked the jeepney driver to drop us at the Gasoline station. From there, I made a right turn from the gasoline station to the next street. Then after a 5minute walk, I reached Joe-liciosso. It was located on the far-end of the street when you use Iloilo Freedom Grandstand route.

Charmaine Balasa

Entering the secluded restaurant will make you a bit shy. Why? It’s because Joe-liciosso’s was designed in accordance to an Italian restaurant. The walls are colored with primary colors, red, green, yellow, and it was accentuated by lampposts and wooden ornaments.The tables and chairs were made of wood covered with soft mattress.

Joe-liciosso was cozy, and had an ambience of calmmand eccentric. The acoustic music played within the restaurant brought melancholic wonders as to why this place was not discovered by me earlier. At the end of the restaurant was the counter, which was adorned with Chocolate Crinkles and Cookies, and other offerings of the restaurant. And the restaurant is the highly recommended for a dating couples.

Joeliciosso Restaurant

Beef Caldereta

I took the liberty to taste the beef caldereta since I didn’t take my lunch. It was the best beef caldereta that I ever tasted! From it’s spicy sauce, tender beef; and well-cooked potatoes, carrots and other ingredients, you would surely not want any other beef caldereta but theirs. I had to take time eating the meal as every bit was worth it!

Chocolate Fudge

I paused from eating my beef caldereta and cut a piece of the chocolate fudge cake because it’s hard not to devour from the looks of it. The mixture of ingredients to make a sweet and unforgettable chocolate fudge was well-blended. I could taste the butter and the milk perfectly combined with the chocolate to allow the sumptuous feel for the cake.

Italian Spaghetti

As for the Italian spaghetti, I was thrilled. The pasta was cooked perfectly. It was a little crispy but not as crispy as the unboiled look of it. The noodles were also not as tender as the pancit canton I used to cook every midnight. It’s sauce will surely bring you to Italy. You would taste a little bitterness, if you haven’t taste any Italian pasta yetBut I assure you, you wouldn’t have to fly to Italy to taste one.

Pancreppes and Pancakes

Then the pancreppes of Joe-liciosso. The pancake was done with intricacy as it was brought to us as a thin pancake with a special honey.

Joe-liciosso was known for its Empanada. So I decided to order it too. Unfortunately, it was not available. The staff informed us that it will be available by 4pm or so, which will be the time when we’d head to our next appointment. Oh, well. There’s still another day.

Joe-deliciosso Restaurant

Because we tasted the best of the best, we couldn’t help to ask a few questions with their staff as he handed us our bill. We found out that Joe-liciosso started its operation a year ago and is owned Ms. Cathedral.

Joe-deliciosso Restaurant

Ericka Jane Estrellado at Joe-deliciosso Restaurant

By the way, resisting a date at Joe-liciosso would make you regretful. But you must trust your instincts when I say, “EAT ME BUT NEVER FORGET ME.”


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