Hairstyle Transformation To Boost Confidence

Posted: August 11, 2013 in Beauty And Cosmetics, Fashion, Hairstyle
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“A woman’s hair is her crowning glory and her ticket to gain confidence.”

From the shoulder-length thick hair, to the shinny long thin hair, I managed to wear a woman’s crowning with confidence.


I had this hairstyle when I was processing my professional license. I love my bangs as it hides my eyes most the time. Yet I was also disgusted by how ‘grumpy’ it look. My hair was thick, dry and frizzy. Thankfully, I got over this hairstyle after two months.

Long Curly Hairtstyle 2013

My hair has grown long after a couple of months. But it was still thick, a little curly, frizzy, and now colored with dark brown.  What I love about this hairstyle was, I made big curls from it. The hairstyle does a little wonder on my round face when I was terrified in front of my desktop. One-sided Bangs in Long Hair- Hairtstyle

Just days before the Valentine’s Day of 2013, I rushed to the salon and told my hairdresser to give my hair a beautiful twist. She transformed my then thick, curly, dry, frizzy hair into a sleek hairstyle. And I love this one so far that I intend to keep it this way until another chapter of my life opens.

Three Hairtstyle

The transformation of my hairstyle does show how much my philosophy changed. With my thick hair, I was not confident to show the world what I got. I was not able to fight my rights as a human person, a friend, a colleague, or even an employee before. Now that I have a new hairstyle,  I can stand and fight with confidence, dignity and own persona.


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