Wanderlust: At the Korean Festival 2013 in Iloilo City

Posted: September 28, 2013 in Events
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“Knowing the culture of other people gives bliss into your life.”

It was the last Saturday  of September 2013, and I was invited to the Korean Festival in Iloilo City, Philippines by my friend, George. Without further hesitations, I accepted it. After all I have nothing to do and there’s a power interruption in our locality.

Korean Film Festival 2013

The Korean Festival was primarily held at SM City Iloilo,  the biggest mall in the area. There were booths for Korean noodles and other foods installed in the activity center of the mall. There were also free movies for film lovers, enthusiasts or even not. And of course, there were hundreds of Korean friends hanging around the Filipino community.

What me and George were up to for the Korean Festival was the movies. There were at least 6 movies showcased to both Koreans and Filipinos. These were the popular Korean films namely,  six popular Korean films including Green Days (소중한 날의 꿈), Masquerade (광해,  왕이 된 남자), Sunny (써니), A Werewolf Boy (늑대소년), Deranged (연가시), and Dancing Queen.  And chose to watch an animated film entitled Green Days. The airing of these films started last September 26, 2013 and  will end on September 29, 2013.

We were a little bit late for ‘Green Days‘ since we were lost as to where the screening would be. Luckily, we were told by the mall’s representative that it was currently on Cinema 6.


‘Green Days’ was about a girl track runner named Yi-Rang, who quit for the lack of motivation after losing a race. She then diverted her attention to her studies to convince herself she can’t win any race anymore.  She tried focusing on her lessons and assignments as she took a path in finding who she really was.  And like any other high school girls, she has dreams to conquer. One of her dreams was  obsessed with an American actor in a ‘Love Story’.  She would visualize her being chased by her  ‘American love’ even during class hours.  To give spice to her persona, two characters in  the name of  Soo-Min and Chulsoo/Charles. (For a full and good review of the movie, please visit hancinema.net. I am not a pro in reviewing movie, anyway.)

Green Days: Dinasaur and I gave me a number of lessons. One was that ‘Not every winner is not a winner’.  It does not necessarily mean that if you’re on top or the number one or the winner, you’re successful, or happy.  Sometimes, being second or under the one on top or the winner would give bliss to your success. Second was the essence of reaching for your goals to achieve success. It is not always the results that matters when you say you’re successful. It’s actually on the attitude on how you make ways or steps to attain your goals. And lastly, Green Days, taught me to wait for the right time in making a difference. You don’t need to fake a thing to be able to have a shortcut for success.  You are given the chance to contemplate what you want to do to make a difference. You have the power to wait and grab the right opportunity at the right time.

Love. Fashion. Life.


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