A Wedding Crasher in Pink Skirt

Posted: October 21, 2013 in Events, Wedding
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Gatecrashing in a wedding is more fun in the Philippines.

Flowers at the Wedding

Lorde’s Royals woke me up at 8:30am on a bright morning of October 20, 2013. This reminded me that I have to prepare for the wedding of ‘Manang Angga’. She’s my cousin’s cousin, who became close to me since she was my cousin’s au pair. She was also the person who took care of my late grandfather. So, I guess I would just say she was part of our family and we should attend the wedding even if we’re not invited (laughing at this ‘not invited’ phrase).

Upon our arrival at church, I admired the flower arrangements done by R and K Choice Catering Services Co.


My cousins, Annaleoh and Arrianne, and niece, Rheanavil, were part of the entourage. Also our uncle SPO3 Leo Laguna was among the principal sponsors, but he was not able to attend since he was in Negros Occidental. So before the wedding march, we took pictures with them.

The wedding ceremony started with a march, and spiced with a traditional wedding song. But today you can request songs for your wedding. My sister Rizza then wondered why Manang Angga and her groom haven’t made the request. I just shrugged my shoulders and focus on the marching entourage.

Flower Girls' Basket

Celebrating the sacrament of marriage has its fun side and Manang Angga had a fare share of this one. During the announcement of vows, she loudly spoke the words which made me and the other guests laugh. For me, maybe because she was so proud of being married at the age where every Filipino women fear. On a personal note, being married after the age of 30 was fine today. In fact, it’s just the right age to get married.

Aside from the kissing scene, the wedding mass ended with picture taking. I took shots through my sister’s iPhone. Anyway, I adored the flower girl’s basket.

Ericka Estrellado and the flowers

The wedding reception was followed at the Multi-Purpose Hall of the San Nicholas de Tolentino Church. For most Filipinos,  a grand wedding with a lot of foods and drinks in the table suggests prosperity and wealth. You can’t have a sumptuous wedding reception without enough money.


The caterer, R and K Choice Catering Services Co., had a beautiful presentation of buffet tables, dining table and the couple’s table. Flowers and other ornaments enhanced the purple themed wedding of Manang Angga.

Dove at the Wedding

Before I anything else, the wedding priest blessed the food and drinks for the newlywed and their guests.

Buffet Table at the Wedding

In the Philippines, your neighbors will always be part of your wedding even if you didn’t invite them. And this also gives an alluring flavor to your wedding reception. You would see people clad in their beautiful clothes, rummaging the buffet to fill their plates. In this wedding, people were asked to queue. Since it’s lunchtime and the weather was favorably humid, everyone had a hurry-im-hungry-and-piss face. Luckily, for us we sat on a table at the far end of the hall. We were the only guests who weren’t part of the wedding entourage who had the privilege to sit at a table.

Finger Foods at the Wedding

On the food and drinks side it was a little failure. We thought that those who were part of the entourage will be served and will not stand and queue to the buffet table.

Cherry Drink at the Wedding

Surprisingly, they did and the waiters just gave the ‘strawberry sprite’ drink to the members of the wedding entourage.



While everyone was eating, the wedding emcee, RJ Makiling, was busy on the microphone. He was so provocative on rendering newlywed’s first dance, eating of cake, drinking of wine, and letting the doves fly.

Wedding Cake

He was also enticing in the throwing of the bouquet and garter. But unfortunately, 50 out of 400+ guests were only around to witness these things.


Wedding souvenirs were given to guests to end the wedding. The newlywed’s souvenir was a porcelain swan wrapped in purple and pink fabric. I accepted the one on behalf of my uncle.

Wedding Arrangement

As for me and my sisters, we ended the wedding ceremony with a slice of the newlywed’s wedding cake.

Attending a wedding, even if you were not invited by the groom and the bride was fun in the Philippines indeed!


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