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“Humans have secrets worth keeping in a pleasure place.”

My secretive brain cells are dying to wander again. They are all screaming, ‘Hey, you should stop sitting and facing your square-headed boyfriend, ASAP! You have to check these places to treat your soul for a lustful comfort!” And so I googled some of the places where there are few people (since I have this awkward ‘social phobia’).

Travel at Old Cataract Hotel by the River Nile

Old Cataract Hotel by the River Nile, Egypt



“Frustration unlocks your creativity.”

Days after I stumbled into an article on Mashable about the upgrade on YouTube’s comment section, I read another article. It told me how a girl (pardon my word here) f*ck Google+ out of frustration.

Emma Blackery, The Girl Who Fuck Google+


“It’s not the sweat that attracts us, but the smell of your sweat.”

Think of Channing Tatum, Ryan Reynolds, Ian Somerhalder, or Daniel Gillies after a 60minute workout and then go shirtless in front of you (all of them at the same time, by the way). Aren’t they yummy to be sniffed on? Now let’s turn to Philippine basketball. When chicks watch PBA, either on MOA or even on TV, their olfactory nerves would go loco for James Yap, Marc Pingris and PJ Simon of PBA’s San Mig Coffee Mixers; Chris Ellis of Barangay Ginebra, and Simon Atkins of Air21 Express. They are just some guys who turn kittens into hungry tigresses once their sweaty on the court. But why girls find these sweaty guys so damn attractive? (more…)

“The way you do nail care reflects how you care for your hygiene.”

Anea Nailspa