A Splendid Nail Care At Anea Nail Spa

Posted: November 3, 2013 in Beauty And Cosmetics
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“The way you do nail care reflects how you care for your hygiene.”

Anea Nailspa

It was actually when my sister, Rizza, told us that she’ll be going for a pedicure, that I also decided to have one. She brought me and Dolly (our other sister) to Anea Nail Spa, at Robinson’s Place Mall in Iloilo City.

Anea Nail Care

It was my first time at Anea NailSpa on Saturday, November 09, 2013 .  And must say that it’s splendid! The girl who did my pedicure had a very smooth touch on my nails. I even joked at her that I would hate Anea if she pulled my skin painfully. Yet she proved me wrong in the end.

Anea Nailspa Iloilo

I chose to put Blue Velvet nail polish on my nails as I would want it to last and not to attract attention.

Anea Nailspa Iloilo

What excites me about their place was the homey ambiance. We were greeted by a soft sleep-soothing music and a nice receptionist who assisted us to our respective pedicurist. I was seated on a ‘couch’ next to my sister. Each of which was divided by a curtain, had a lampshade of varying design, and a soft throw pillow. While your nails are being done, you could read magazines from the Anea’s magazine rack.

If you also want to avail Anea  service, visit them at 2nd Floor of Robinson’s Place Mall- Iloilo City and Amigo Mall- Iloilo.


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