Nurse’s Notes: Why Girls Love Sweaty Guys

Posted: November 12, 2013 in Life, Love
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“It’s not the sweat that attracts us, but the smell of your sweat.”

Think of Channing Tatum, Ryan Reynolds, Ian Somerhalder, or Daniel Gillies after a 60minute workout and then go shirtless in front of you (all of them at the same time, by the way). Aren’t they yummy to be sniffed on? Now let’s turn to Philippine basketball. When chicks watch PBA, either on MOA or even on TV, their olfactory nerves would go loco for James Yap, Marc Pingris and PJ Simon of PBA’s San Mig Coffee Mixers; Chris Ellis of Barangay Ginebra, and Simon Atkins of Air21 Express. They are just some guys who turn kittens into hungry tigresses once their sweaty on the court. But why girls find these sweaty guys so damn attractive?

I don’t have so many friends or colleagues to ask as of this posting, so I’m answering the question as an average female, who on ‘unconscious’ view is drooling over the attractiveness of sweaty guys. For me, it’s because women wanted to find out the type of scent that that man’s sweat is. I also sniff the sweat to unravel if it’s attractive to any girl’s olfactory nerves or not. Snuffling a man’s sweat also shows how keen he is in terms of hygeine. At some wierd points, some girls (me and my old college friends are good at this) could name what soap a man used by just smelling his sweat.

Marc Pingris

(Screenshot from UNSCHLD video.)

And to know if my answer to the aforementioned query was correct and has a basis, I googled for a study on how sweat and odor affects a man’s attractiveness. said that ” it has more to do with pheromones than expensive cologne (although we’re pretty sure the latter doesn’t hurt). Pheromones are odorless chemical compounds emitted not only by men, but also by women — and a host of animals and insects. In fact, pheromones are all part of nature’s mating game, intended to create sexual attraction on a purely physical level. ”

Peter June Simon

(Screenshot from UNSCHLD video.)

However please be reminded that gals are very picky in the types of sweat smell. I, like any other girls, love sniffing candy-like smell, citrus and of course, baby powder or baby cologne. “And, unlike men who rarely seem put off by odors, women are less aroused when the scent of cherries or charcoal barbecue smoke lingers in the air.” Also take note that girls only snuffle guys with clean fresh sweat. This is for the reason that old sweat smells like a rotten sock. Furthermore, girls also examines a man’s hygiene through his after-the-game sweaty appearance.

Though my answer was kinda shallow to some guys, it does have some scientific basis. Thus, you don’t just sniff someone close to you without a ‘scientific’ reason. By the way, this post is also in lieu with the question raised on The Bro Show’s Chick Who Love Balls episode.


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