Wanderlust: Places To Go When In Lust For Comfort

Posted: November 28, 2013 in Travel
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“Humans have secrets worth keeping in a pleasure place.”

My secretive brain cells are dying to wander again. They are all screaming, ‘Hey, you should stop sitting and facing your square-headed boyfriend, ASAP! You have to check these places to treat your soul for a lustful comfort!” And so I googled some of the places where there are few people (since I have this awkward ‘social phobia’).

Travel at Old Cataract Hotel by the River Nile

Old Cataract Hotel by the River Nile, Egypt

There’s no point explaining why I wanted to go to Egypt before I die since I’m Queen Cleopatra’s avid fan.

Rottnest Island WA 6161 Australia

Rottnest Island,

Rottnest Island is just close to a major city but you’ll experience being in the middle of nowhere, says some who have been there. This then suits my ‘Me-Alone’ day where I could scream my gay friend’s secret in my native tongue here!

Rent a Villa in Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany, Italy

Imagine the pleasure of having a villa for yourself for one whole week. You could do whatever I want without the hassles of worldly responsibilities. You could wear that bikini and dive in the pool without thinking people’s reaction to your vital statistics. You could eat everything Italian. You could dress in chic fashion statement while reliving Florence’s art and Renaissance history. And of course, you could smell heaven while sipping wine at Montelpulciano. Thus, these were my reasons why I’d love to go to Tuscany, Italy.

If you also want to have a get away to erase the stress, please check these photos from AFAR.com.


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