Nurse’s Notes: Reasons Why I Fell in Love with Paul Walker

Posted: December 1, 2013 in Events, Life, Love
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“Rest in Peace Paul Walker. You will always remembered.”

I was at Estancia, Iloilo, Philippines (a town greatly affected by the super-typhoon Haiyan) helping my friend’s family in giving relief goods at Brgy. Bulaqueña when I learned the shocking news on my Twitter timeline. I was so upset that I even cried and promised that I’ll make a blog post for this man, whom I fell in love 6 years ago, and who was in full support for the relief efforts in the Philippines. So in lieu with the shocking and upsetting news about Paul Walker’s passing, I’m sharing why I fell in love with him through the movies he’s in.

1. He’s an adventurer , a survivor, and a friend.

Paul Walker Eight Below 2006

Who wouldn’t fall in love with a guy who loves to go in an adventure, cares for his dogs, saves his friend and does everything he could  to survive in an Antarctica storm despite the danger of hypothermia, frostbite and near whiteout? This was the first movie I watched where he was the lead actor. He was so charming in the snow that I dreamt of having a white Christmas with him (but that will be impossible now).

2. He’s a bad ass car addict.

Paul Walker Fast and Furious

If you’re an avid fan of Fast and Furious, you know what I mean. But for me, I fell in love with Brian O’conner because he gets through my skin even if he’s not behind the wheels or if he’s not aiming a gun to his foes. He’s just so macho that his aura lures you to watch every Fast and Furious movie that he’s in. By the way, this series movies was the prologue for me to watch Eight below and follow his every movie afterwards

3. Paul Walker is a great father.

hours movie paul walker

Aside from being a real caring father to his daughter Meadow, he’s also a hilarious loving father to Abbie in the movie Hours. In this movie, Paul was Nolan who would do everything to keep his newborn daughter alive for 48hours after Hurricane Katrina cut the power supply and everything in a hospital. His baby is on life support in a hospital when the power goes out, and it’s running on a reserve battery that is draining. For me, it was the best movie of Paul Walker. I got to see how he did well in the drama department. He’s far different from his character in Fast and Furious. And I love him even more after this. ( I was able to watch this movie when I was searching for films inspired or based from a natural disaster. )

4. He’s an angel of Reach Out World Wide.

 If the video touched the inner you, then you’re one step away to help those in need. Just like the celebrities who gives back to their fans by their supported or co-founded organization, Paul Walker was one of the amazing guys who put charity events to gather funds and other kinds of donations for the needy. And everyone would love someone with a big heart like him.

Just like all people fangirling Paul Walker, I will always love this man. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

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