Giving Tuesday, Be #Unselfie

Posted: December 3, 2013 in Events, Life, Love
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“Take an #Unselfie. Make A Difference.Volunteer. “

I know #Selfie was the word for 2013.  And I admit I was fond of doing a number of them a couple of years ago. But things have changed and I have known better. So I wouldn’t make one here. Instead I’m making a response to United Nations’ global movement. I’m posting my  own #unselfie photo.


Today, I see self-portraits as nothing but a trash from people who just threw their time for a selfish act. I even labeled those persons who post 10-15 selfies a day just so everyone of their Facebook friends and Twitter followers would know what they’re doing every minute. Most of the people I know who is doing this sought attention from anyone. I know a couple of Facebook friends who would send a Private Message to get your ‘Likes’ and ‘Favorites’. Pathetic isn’t it? They’re not only wasting time, they’re also degrading themselves. However, I don’t hate these kind of people in social media. I just dislike how they’re ruining my Facebook timeline. Thus, I have explained the first sentence.

Here’s a tip. Instead of capturing a self-portrait and sharing it through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Google+, I followed Twitter accounts that would give me news, facts, tips, and other tidbits that are worth sharing for.

Take your own #Unselfie photo now, share your action and volunteer!


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