Nurse’s Notes: BLS- ACLS Training at INET Center

Posted: March 8, 2014 in Events, Nurse, Profession
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“A nurse is trained to save lives.”

Along with 30 participants from Western Visayas, I attended the Basic Life Support (BLS), Basic Cardiac Rhythm Recognition or Basic ECG Recognition, and Advance Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) training for healthcare professionals. It was conducted by Institute for Nursing Enrichment Training Center or INET Center at West Visayas State University.

The 2-day training was done by two instructors who were from Mindanao. They were Miss Mel and Sir Christopher. Both instructors were effective enough to share their knowledge and skills in BLS, ECG Recognition, and ACLS.

BLS- ECG – ACLS Training Day

I arrived 15minutes before 9am at West Visayas State University – Medical Center, the venue of INET- Iloilo training. And not-so-surprisingly, I was an early bird who could choose which chair to sit.


We started at 9:30am. Sir Christopher discussed the American Heart Association 2010 Guidelines about Basic Life Support with the ad of a MS PowerPoint presentation. He also explained the guidelines and care of foreign object airway obstruction in both adult and infant patients.

During our sumptuous lunch break, video clips of Victoria Secret Fashion Show and other music videos entertained us. I took a picture and tweeted Victoria’s Secret about it.

Later in the afternoon, Miss Mel took over and discussed Advanced Life Support. She presented how to defibrillate during BLS outside the hospital setting or in the public places. She also introduced the different kinds of defibrillator used especially the automated external defibrillator or the AED. But she cut our discussion on the topic because the continuation was scheduled along with the Basic Cardiac Rhythm Recognition lecture the day after.


Miss Mel preparing the infant dummy.

The day ended with Sir Christopher’s lecture on airway management where he showcased airway adjuncts, advanced airways and the intubation technique. He showed us how intubation was done but reminded us that intubation was done by the doctor, and nurses were only to assist in the said procedure.

The great thing about the day 1 was the plus-point system whenever you correctly answered the question given by our instructors. I have a chance to answer a simple yet tricky question given by Miss Mel. Luckily I have gave an effective rationalization on how to give defibrillation on a woman with brassiere (specifically with metal wire bra).

By the end of our day, we were group into six. The groupings would be for the next day’s return demonstration.

BLS- ECG – ACLS Training Day 2

As scheduled, Miss Mel opened the day by reviewing our brain cells with the parts of the heart. She then bombarded us with the parts of the electrocardiogram strip and how important are each small box and big box in ECG recognition. She also presented a number of slides showing different cardiac rhythm.

After the lecture, Miss Mel and Sir Christopher along with the four volunteers performed a mock drill on how to perform BLS, ECG Recognition and ACLS.

Miss Mel assisting INET Student on defibrillation.

Miss Mel assisting INET Student on defibrillation.

Sir Christopher guiding the students.

Sir Christopher guiding the participants.

By 1:15pm we were prepared to have a return demonstration on all the discussed and presented subjects. We first had a graded return demonstration in Basic Life Support, then intubation technique and the application of all skills in the ‘mega-coding drill’. On our BLS return demonstration we were assessed and graded individually, while on Intubation Technique graded demonstration we’re subdivided into pairs.

My Groupmates

My INET Center Groupmates



Post Megacode Group Picture with Miss Mel

Post Megacode Group Picture with Miss Mel

My group mates were new Registered Nurses from Saint Paul University- Iloilo. With our combined brains and of course, beauties we have delivered efficient mega-coding drill with the grade of 89% (Yehey!).

Certificates and IDs were given at the end of the training to certify that we’re trained in saving humanity from the harmful consequences of life. In behalf of my groupmates and co-participants, I want to end this blog post by thanking the INET-Iloilo. Kudos!

Institute for Nursing Enrichment Training Center

For nurses and other healthcare professionals out there, you can visit their Facebook page to avail the training we just had.

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