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“Flowers are my guide.”

During our wandering soiree, we meet a plethora of things. These things surprises us, nurture us, and teaches us. They are the things that put a significant mark into our lives. They are also those things that guide us in unearthing our hidden capabilities or qualities. So therefore I am sharing the flowers I have found when I went to a place I once called home.

Flowers in the Philippines


“Lighthouse guide us.”

There is something mysterious about lighthouses that whenever it was mentioned to me or I found photo of it on the internet, my lust to wander supercharge.

Philippines is one of the country where it houses lots of beautiful and historic lighthouses. I have to say (based on the pictures I found) that the most beautiful one is found in the northernmost part of the country, which is called as the Mahatao Tayid Lighthouse in Batanes.