Compliments and their Power to Make You Beautiful

Posted: June 5, 2014 in Life, Love
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“You are beyond beautiful.”

One of the phrase among the many compliments we received everyday has influence our perception.  Negative could make us sad and lonely.  It could lead to an overwhelming acceptance of compliments. Positive ones can make us smile and leverage the inferiority and lack of confidence in us. These compliments could covet a permanent mark to the receiver whatever type they are. So it is a matter of choice on how to deliver them.

The compliments we receive changes us. It makes us more of a person especially if it comes from the person we most love. Phrases like, ‘You help me to become a better person’  and ‘You are the most amazing person I ever has’ are enough to make us move and change what and who we are. They give us confidence. They provide strength.

Compliments influence our relationships with other persons, as well. For example, a couple who frequently channel their affection by giving endearing and honest compliments has the higher possibility to have a happier and longer relationship. They are deemed to affect each other’s personality and attitude. They live as though they are helping each other to grow personally and professionally.

Today I found an awesome video about compliments on YouTube and I thought of sharing it to you, dear Earth.

After watching it, I felt as though I will win every trials that are bombarded to me especially my troubles in all sort of relationships I’m into. I felt I am beyond beautiful to fulfill those wishes and dreams. I felt myself as someone who would want to change the world with you by giving the these compliment;

Thank you for you are what you are and you are who you are.


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