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“Provide nursing care with love.”

I have a client who’s diagnosed with ischemic heart disease. She is 84 y.o, widowed and smiles beautifully. I have been providing care to her as her private duty nurse for a day now. And I thought sharing the nursing management for ischemic heart disease.

Ischemic heart disease (or Coronary Heart Disease) is┬áthe circumstances in which there is an imbalance between the needs of the heart muscle with oxygen supply that is provided by the coronary arteries (Mila, 2010). It is caused by narrowing (stenosis) and contraction (spasm) of coronary arteries, but gradually narrowing will allow the development of adequate collateral as a replacement. Atherosclerosis, causes about 98% of cases of CHD. Click here to view more about Ischemic Heart Disease. (more…)