Nurse’s Notes: How I am Walking In The Happiness Street

Posted: January 9, 2015 in Life, Love, Nurse
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“Everyone wants to happy. Who will never be?”

Happiness StreetA happy person is healthier, has a greater chance to succeed, makes more friends, and live longer. He will achieve such condition after he has done what needs to be done in ‘Happiness Street’. So just like anyone else, I ditched the ‘Lonely Road’ and head towards ‘Happiness Street’.

Here are the things that I am doing to achieve happiness;

Place Happiness in Mind

According to a study in Harvard University, happiness is all in the mind. This shows that if you think of happy thoughts just like Peter Pan, you will be happy. So every morning I decided to live in the Happiness Street, I said to my mind that,’Today, I will be happy’.

Count Your Blessings

Experts suggest that one of the keys to happiness is counting your blessings. Every morning I made sure that I have at least three to five things to be grateful for. For example, I am thankful for another day at work. At the end of the day, I also list the things that I am thankful for. Looking back at what have transpired on your day let’s you realize how blessed you are.

Trust Happiness Street

Maybe the main ingredient to happiness is trust. Learn to trust people even if you just met them. Each person is unique that they are different from those friends you have in High School and from your obnoxious ex- boyfriend. Trusting will make your heart happy.

Spend Laughters with the Right People

Laughters shared with the right people are always kept in a genuine memory lane. Way back then, the teenage me was with a group of people who made my laughters echo in regret, remorse and sadness. Today, I am keen on whom I should hang out with. I have chosen the people who presents positivity.

Make Other People Happy

Every time I see the smiles or hear the laughter of my patients, my heart would beat with happiness. The act of making them smile or laugh even in pain or depression is precious. As a nurse, I see to it that my clients or patients, colleagues, friends and family would smile or laugh with me.

In Happiness Street, I have also learned that curiosity does not only kill the cat, it brings happiness into you. According to Lindsay Spencer- Matthews, living life with deliberate curiosity is more likely to bring happiness than living life with accidental certainty.


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