Wanderlust: Enjoying Dinagyang Festival 2015 in Iloilo City

Posted: January 26, 2015 in Travel
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“Hala Bira, Iloilo!”

On the fourth week of January every year, Iloilo City is organizing Dinagyang Festival. The festival showcases colorful history, devotion Senior Sto. Niño, and the loving spirit of the Ilonggos.

Dinagyang Festival 2015

Dinagyang is a week- long celebration and this year it commenced last January 19 and highlighted on January 25. Kasadyahan is the first competition during Dinagyang weekend. It showcases festivals from Region VI. This year the group from Caluya, Antique won.

As for me, I have the 23rd and 24th of January to enjoy the festivities as I have responsibilities to my patients. Together with my good friend George, we hit the streets of Iloilo City to join the merry- making.

Dinagyang Food Festival 2015

Dinagyang Food Festival 2015


We first had our lunch at Dinagyang Food Festival street. Ilonggo delicacies such as La Paz Batchoy are present in the food fest. Seafoods of many kind were also served by many kiosks. We ate at Tatoy’s Restaurant, a known restaurant that serves delicious food. Our pennies were worth when grilled squid and fish were served to us. Additionally, the crew members were so kind with us.

National Costumes at Iloilo Capitol

Dinagyang Festival 2015

When you don’t want to spend much, you can always opt for a museum or gallery visit. We went to Iloilo Capitol to see the different costumes of the competing Ati Tribes.

Dinagyang Festival 2015

The neighboring provinces also participated in the event by sharing their costumes. I fondly like the national costume made from Dumaguete City. It speaks of elegance and very- Filipino. It was such a delight to look at every costumes. The creative mind of Filipinos was put into reality.

Dinagyang Festival 2015

Historical Buildings in Iloilo City

Iloilo Historical Buildings, Dinagyang Festival 2015Iloilo Historical Buildings, Dinagyang Festival 2015

Iloilo City is rich in history and architecture. The city council have restored the historical commercial buildings within the city to show the richness of the city. The commercial buildings are home for many establishments. You can find sellers of clothe, food and other garments in these two historical buildings.

Ati Tribe Competition of Dinagyang Festival

I was not able to attend the ati tribe competition because I have my duty. I just watched on television the presentation of talents of the ten competing tribes. Tribu Panayanon won this year’s competition.

As the weekend ends, I am thankful and proud to of the Dinagyang Festival. It is indeed the ‘Queen of Festivals’ in the Philippines.


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