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“Iloilo, where you find love and memories never fade.”

On a sunny Saturday of the 3rd week of February 2015, I decided to join my high school classmates in unearthing the beauty of  Iloilo City, Philippines. I’ve been to these places, but not with their company. So sharing this adventure with them was a meaningful memory.


“Asia is a continent to be explored.”

Bucket List of Asia

“Intravenous therapy is a nursing responsibility.”

Intravenous Therapy Training
As a Registered Nurse in the Philippines, it is mandated by R.A. 7164 (Philippine Nursing Act of 1991) that intravenous therapy is within the scope of nursing. The law also states that special training is required for the administration of intravenous injections and this training shall follow the protocol established. (more…)

“History lives with Campo Sancto de San Joaquin.”

For several times, I have visited San Joaquin, Iloilo. But I never got the chance to step on  the Campo Sancto de San Joaquin. Luckily, I met good colleagues who are from the said town. I asked them to bring me to the mysterious and beautiful cemetery.

Campo Sancto de San Joaquin


Ten Rights of Medication AdministrationTo make sure, nurses must be reminded of the Ten Golden Rules in medication administration  (and in intravenous fluid therapy).

Right Client
Always check for the patient’s name or identity before giving the medication. Check the client’s identification band and/or check with significant other if he is your intended client with each administration of a medication. (more…)