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When I was working with a company as a writer, I was given an evaluation of having a good work ethics.

Nurse Work Ethics, Work Ethics, Good Work EthicsI was working on a couple of difficult tasks for a week (5 days of 8am to 5pm work). Aside from making 10 articles, I had to check and edit 200 blog articles that were listed in the Excel Sheet. Every day I went to work 5 minutes before 8am and head on to the 200-blog-articles task with the goal to reach 100. And at the end of my first day at that week, I finish checking and 54 blog articles and submitted 3 articles. For four days, I completed the tasks. Within the course of these tasks, I only asked for clarifications from our content manager. I didn’t pass the tasks to other writers. I just showed up at work on time with enthusiasm, and at the end, I performed and completed my tasks without complaints. (more…)


“Oh, Manila!”

Last March 17, I had a delayed flight going to Manila. Yes, you read it right. Delayed flight. Thanks to Cebu Pacific Air. Nonetheless, I arrived in Manila.


“At some points in life, you feel happy.”

Networx has made a simple infographic about the ten signs of being happy.Signs of Happiness

“Happiness is a journey to good health.”

Happiness and Health

Source: Happify