Wanderlust: Five Days in Manila (NCR), Philippines

Posted: March 25, 2015 in Travel
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“Oh, Manila!”

Last March 17, I had a delayed flight going to Manila. Yes, you read it right. Delayed flight. Thanks to Cebu Pacific Air. Nonetheless, I arrived in Manila.

Day 1: Araneta Center, PBA Game

After having a late lunch at Robinsons Mall Manila, I decided to watch a live basketball game in Araneta Coliseum. The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) is the professional league that is dubbed to be a replica of the NBA. Tuesday’s schedule or game was between Barako Bull and Purefoods Star Hotshots.

PBA Commissioner's Cup 2015, Smart Araneta Coliseum

Day 2: Walking Around Malate, Manila

The day was packed with checking Google Maps, asking security guards and the locals about the directions, and kilometers of walking as we are to execute our  main objective of this trip. We took our feet to head on to the next chapter of our professions.

Exhausted of what concurred on this day, we ate at Da King Pares. It was a restaurant offering ‘Pancit sa Bilao’ and other foods. I must commend that my money was worth for their Sizzling Bangus.

Day3: Kalaw Street, Ortigas Center, Malate’s Night Life

This day is a memory- filled day. I got the chance to visit Kalaw St., Malate, Manila, where a huge food tent was situated. Within the tent, youncan find food stalls, that offer cheap yet sumptuous meals. For 50php you can have two dishes with rice. The area was mostly occupied by seafarers who are waiting for the approval of their application in their respective agencies.

By 1pm, I went to Ortigas Center. It was a fun experience walking around the center, despite the burning rays of the afternoon sun. I passed by the Philippine Stock Exchange, San Miguel Corporation and other companies housed in different skycrapers.

By 4:30pm, I took a leap at the famous Quiapo Church through a jeepney ride from Cubao Center. My itinerary includes going to this church because it was home for the Black Nazarene. There’s mass upon my arrival but I didn’t attend it because it’d commence after 10minutes. Instead, I took the privilege to buy replicas of the Black Nazarene from various entrepreneurs outside the church. Quiapo also has a street of vendors offering cheap clothing, bags, shoes, gadgets, home accessories and others.

Erras Restaurant and Bar in Malate

My companions let us experience night life in Malate. We sat over a local bar called Erras along Adriatico Street, Malate to drink beers and try their foods (pulutan).

Day 4: Wanderers Guesthouse’ Terrace Lounge

The place where I temporarily stay in Malate is the Wanderers Guesthouse. It has a Terrace Lounge that offers grilled foods every Friday night. I had grilled pork, chicken and veggies that night. The meal was great and the ambience was amusing. Dinner in the Terrace Lounge was even memorable since we ate with other nationalities like American, Taiwanese, Chinese, and European. It’s like a reunion of nations.

Day 5: SM Mall of Asia

Time passes so fast that my  5th day in Manila has come. It’s time for me to go back to the City of Love. So before I took off, I decided to take a stroll at SM Mall of Asia, popular accronymed as MOA. It’s a wide and huge shopping and amusement architecture in Asia, so it boosts my shoppaholic nerves.

Things learned or proved from this Manila Trip

Taxi drivers in Manila choose their passengers. They won’t let a passenger if he’s not rich- looking. They love foreigners.

Google Maps is not that reliable when getting directions. You have to ask around. But only ask for directions from security guards or the locals since it is more helpful.

Never trust someone who has feelings for you. He may protect you in the most bastard ways possible.

And lastly, it’s fine to cry in Manila even if it’ll cost you a 13php tissue paper. Your eyes won’t hurt that much and it will be healthy.


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