Nurse’s Notes: Me and My Good Work Ethics

Posted: March 30, 2015 in Nurse, Profession
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When I was working with a company as a writer, I was given an evaluation of having a good work ethics.

Nurse Work Ethics, Work Ethics, Good Work EthicsI was working on a couple of difficult tasks for a week (5 days of 8am to 5pm work). Aside from making 10 articles, I had to check and edit 200 blog articles that were listed in the Excel Sheet. Every day I went to work 5 minutes before 8am and head on to the 200-blog-articles task with the goal to reach 100. And at the end of my first day at that week, I finish checking and 54 blog articles and submitted 3 articles. For four days, I completed the tasks. Within the course of these tasks, I only asked for clarifications from our content manager. I didn’t pass the tasks to other writers. I just showed up at work on time with enthusiasm, and at the end, I performed and completed my tasks without complaints.

I was pleased with the evaluation that I shared the news with my then colleagues. They were also happy, however; one of my colleagues back then asked me what work ethic is. How to become a person with good or excellent work ethics?

Wikipedia defines work ethics as a value based on hard work and diligence. And describes work ethics as is a set of moral principals an employee uses in his job. But what are the qualities you should have to have an excellent work ethics. So I will share at least five factors that helped me gain a good work ethics.

Qualities Leading to Excellent Work Ethics

Positive Thinking

As soon as I received the tasks, I said to myself I can work and finish it. I have to finish my work before the deadline by hook or by crook. I looked at the tasks positively, that I called them as my career enhancers.  It is always on me to have an optimistic mind because if I haven’t had one, I would be a bum stuck on my couch. Being positive opens a new avenue in your career, you can work productively and you can relate to your coworkers and superiors efficiently.

Self- Motivation

In everything I do, I always tell myself to be positive and productive. These two words are my everyday motivation. They keep me organized, disciplined and active. They also lead me to accomplish my tasks ahead of the schedule.

Honesty and Discipline

Before I start the tasks, our manager asked me if I am okay with the tasks. I replied to him, ‘The tasks seem difficult, but I can work on it, Sir’. Then, the reply I get from my manager was encouragement. During the course of the tasks, I didn’t let distractions bumped into me. I focused on the tasks. I didn’t spend my working hours on making calls and texting or updating my Twitter account. I didn’t cheat in the entire 8am to 5pm work hours.

Sense and Act of Responsibility

A responsible person responds to any given situation accordingly. Managers or supervisors do not monitor regularly after the tasks are given. When I was working on my assigned tasks, I took the ownership of the blog articles. I was liable for any incorrect changes.

Also, during this time, it is my responsibility to send a productivity report every day. The daily report let my manager or supervisor know how far I have gone with the tasks, what needs to be done at the tasks, and if I experienced any difficulties during the execution of the tasks.

Personal Integrity

I see personal integrity as an important aspect of me. I ensure that I lived and performed what I promise.  I don’t make excuses. If I cannot work on the tasks, I let my manager know. Just like what I said prior to the commencement of my task, I communicated my thoughts on the tasks.

Before I submitted my final work, I checked for any mistakes or if I mis- looked anything. When I sure that I have done my very best, I hit the submit button. There are minor glitches on my tasks, my manager said. So I went on a couple of articles and edited them. This is then an example of not blaming others re your tasks. I don’t blame our technical team or our other writers for the appearance of the articles. I took the fault and quietly edited and made the articles as great as expected.

I was evaluated as a writer with a good work ethics. My next blog post will be me as a nurse with an excellent work ethics.


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