Nurse’s Notes: Reasons To Date a Nurse

Posted: May 2, 2015 in Life, Love, Nurse
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Dating a nurse may be nerve- wracking. Some perceived that a nurse has no time or has a difficult time fixing or having a date. A few may even see a nurse as someone with no time to date. But these notions are actually fallacies. A nurse can be your greatest date, and who knows she’ll be your wife or partner in life. That’s like winning a lottery with a health care insurance!

The following are some of the reasons why you should date a nurse:

A Nurse is your Holistic Caregiver

Nurses are a natural caregiver. They will provide care on a daily basis. We care from head to toe. We make thorough assessment and history taking before we implement our plan of care. If you get hurt, we’ll know what to do and we’ll even give a gentle voice of encouragement because it’s not only physical that we care for, we are also after of your emotional, mental, and socio- cultural self. You can count on us in this area at all times.

A Nurse is a Good Listener

When you just want to let everything out, a nurse is there to listen. She listens without judgment. She let’s you speak what’s on your mind and heart when you’re frustrated, angry, afraid, or feeling alone. A nurse knows and understands your pain, even in silence.

A Nurse is Smart

There’s no lying that nursing school is hell. We have to pass the toughest entrance exams, final exams and the toughest of all, the state board exam to be able to serve you. Medical, pharmacologic and nursing terminologies aren’t easy to understand, but we did. Our breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are full of diseases’ signs and symptoms, yet you don’t need to worry if our eyes are spinning. We think before we perform our nursing interventions. That’s how we are- SMART.

A Nurse is Tough

As much as we take care of out patients, we can also take of ourselves. We take healthy foods and exercise our butts out before going to care for our patients. Because of the ‘harsh’ medical world, we became tough. We face and care for different persons per shift. Our supervisors demands for you and doctors want us to do this and that. Our patient and their significant others would creep us every minute of our shift. Above all these things, we never give up. We shed a couple of years after our shifts, but quitting is never in our vocabulary.

A Nurse Knows Those Little Things

Admit it. A nurse is most observant. Those little things like your smile is a gift from you. Those gestures of appreciation are a diamond to us. As we scribbled in our Nurse’s Notes, we recall the little things you’ve done to be well again. Even if you do not say how you feel, we know you’re happy or unsatisfied with our service of care. But that’s fine with us. It’s all about giving care to you.

Nurses got the CPR

When you date a nurse, you are safe. You can sleep soundly at night with a nurse. You got an instant access CPR. We’ll give health education about diseases for free, so you’ll be guided on how to prevent them.

A Nurse is Love 

The idea of nursing is rooted from love and caring. It is the only profession which loves and cares for you without asking in return. The services of nurses came from the heart that often you are rewarded with the most gentle touch. You are loved even if their shifts are over. We love to put you first before ourselves. We take care of you first. Nurse love to give love and if you do date one, you hit a jackpot big time!

Here’s an infographic from NurseLabs on Dating a Nurse.

Reasons to Date a Nurse


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