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​Five minutes past eleven o’clock in the evening, I was the only person left in the Emergency Room (ER). My other colleagues have ended their shift at eleven. I was with another nurse, an Egyptian. She was assigned to assist our General Practitioner or Attending Physician, which left me with all the tasks in the ER.

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We have two patients waiting for the doctor. And when the first patient entered the doctor’s clinic, four others came. Our first patient is a twelve year old girl with fever, and was prescribed an intravenous fluid (IVF) solution and an intramuscular injection. I led her to the female ward, along with her mother, and give the IVF. I had a hard time convincing her to take the IM injection as she was afraid of having too much pain on her buttocks. So I told her I would give the injection after the IVF was finished.

When I came out the female ward, four patients are waiting for me. An Indian male, two Saudi females and one Saudi male. The Indian man was shivering as he have a high fever. He was prescribed with an IVF. One Saudi female was for nebulization via Oxygen, while the other was for IM injection for pain (She had dysmenorrhoea. ). The last patient was for IM injection for pain. I let them queue in front of me according to who came first, and made appropriate receipts for their medical equipments and medicines.

Using the triage method, I took care the Indian male first, followed by the female Saudi for nebulization. Those two patients needing IM injection came last (lady first, of course). After the patient for nebulization was finished, I let my convincing power worked and gave IM injection to the twelve years old Saudi girl. Her IVF was still on 300cc mark at that time.

A minute after I inserted the butterfly cannula for the Indian patient, one patient came with a 2cm laceration on his lower lip. I asked him to wait for a minute. But he’s persistent as he was anxious about his bleeding lip. Thankfully, my other colleague came out the doctor’s clinic. I asked her to let the doctor see the persistent patient. He was for wound dressing. I made the prescribed management.

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When I was done carrying out prescriptions of all the patients, I wrote the patient’s name, management I have done, and other information in the ER’s logbook. And that was how I managed our precious Emergency Room for an hour on Valentine’s Day.