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​Prometric Examination is taken by every health care professional wishing to work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s accredited health care institution. It is a computer generated examination. Nurses taking the prometric exam are given 100 item question, and the passing score is 50%. The examination is given in a number of testing centers worldwide. In our case, we are scheduled to take the exam in Dammam, a two- hour ride from the city of Al- Hassa.

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With my requirements and snacks in hand, me and my friend Rashean, were on the road by 6:30am (We were accompanied by the institution’s Indian driver since women aren’t allowed to drive any vehicle in the kingdom.).

Saudi Arabia

Taking the examination to Dammam was an opportunity for me and Rashean to snap pictures of the picturesque environment of the eastern part of the kingdom. Rock mountains are scattered on both sides of the road. Camels were frolicking with glory in both near and far distances. The sand was everywhere. The temperature was humid but satisfying. Tall and magnificent architectural works were seen in a distance. All these things were with us while on the road, but I hardly appreciated them on the way to the testing center.

Prometric Exam in Saudi Arabia


Even a day before the examination, I was very anxious! I am not prepared to take the exam. I did little reading on the subjects, and answered few review questions. My confidence to take and pass a license examination plummeted. I had so many what if’s while we were traveling.

Beautiful Place in Saudi Arabia

Halfway through our trip, I glanced over the cloudy sky and saw a radiant glow of the blazing sun. I took what I have witnessed as a sign to keep my faith on God and myself as it seems to show me a powerful sun never quits even clouded by darkness. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and silently uttered a prayer.

Beautiful Place in Saudi Arabia

We were inside the prometric exam testing center ten minutes before 9am. The proctors instructed us to remove our watches and other metal accessories and to hand our Iqama ID to them. We had to give our signatures in the attendance sheet before going to the assigned computer. You can start taking the examination even before your scheduled time. We were actually scheduled  9: 30am.Beautiful Place in Saudi Arabia

A silent prayer before hitting the start button was made by me. It’s always great to utter a prayer before doing anything for your self. It calms your nerves and get rid of your anxiety. It sets your mind in focus. And along with your stored knowledge and will to pass the examination, a prayer is helpful.

Beautiful Place in Saudi Arabia

The result of a prometric examination is given immediately. Your proctor will give a copy of your result after you have logged out in the attendance sheet.

In Saudi Arabia, the King Abdul Azziz Center for World Culture in Dhahran

The sand, rock mountains, camels, beautiful architecture and the humid weather were greatly appreciated on our way back to Al- Hassa. They had a lush life to me now as I was given the gift to pass the prometric examination and be a licensed nurse in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Mabrouk to me and Rashean!