Nurse’s Notes: Advantages of Being a Travel Nurse

Posted: June 10, 2016 in Nurse
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It’s been almost a year since I fly out my home country for my travel nursing assignment abroad. The months that passed proved some things about being a travel nurse. It’s been serving me a number of benefits.


Professional Growth

The main reason why I choose to be a travel nurse is to hone my skills and knowledge of the emergency department (ED). When I arrived in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, I was hyped to be assigned in the ED. It escalated my skills on IV insertion and communication ( learning Arabic is great!).

I was also a floater in the dental department of the health institution. I assisted an orthodontic surgeon for two months. This is something rewarding to add on my curriculum vita.

No Politics

Travel nursing make you skip the drama and bureaucracy of the nursing and medical department. Your job is to work what are assigned to you. No frills or chills. You keep on providing excellent and holistic patient care.

Excellent Pay and Benefits

Travel nursing is a branch of nursing where nurses are given a great pay and benefits. NurseChoice, a national critical staffing agency, estimates the pay rate for traveling nurses at $40 an hour. Hospitals and other health institutions give higher pay to travel nurses than their regular staff. Health insurance and housing stipends are added in the pockets of a travel nurse. Some even have sign- on bonuses and referral bonus!

Burn- out is Avoided

Nurses are prone to burn- out, which was also why I chose travel nursing. The field gives me time to relax after the assignment. You can try or make things (such as learning new language or backpacking across Asia, Europe and South America) before going to another assignment. You cannot do these things for an ample time if you’re tied up with your employment or location.

Learning New Culture, Meeting New People

Because of my curiosity on culture, I signed on to travel nursing. It gives me the honor to know and understand one or two culture. People in the Arab soil are generous, strong willed and faithful to Allah. They have attitude different from mine, and I respect them. They have hot and spicy foods, Arabic and Turkish coffee, which you cannot refuse.

Travel nursing makes me connected to a new set of people. I got to know a nurse from Egypt and India, dentists from Syria, and a couple of general practitioners from Egypt with experiences from Germany and Europe. These people become my motivators and inspirations.


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