Nurse’s Notes: Getting Started with Your Travel Nursing Career

Posted: June 25, 2016 in Nurse
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How do I start a career in travel nursing? Simple. I decided I will.

Travel Nurse, Travel Nursing, Nurse, Nursing, Nursing Career, Nursing SpecialtyThe first step you have to deal when taking a leap in travel nursing is a desire to try. If you are someone who just wish to be inside the walled health institution, without wanting to deal with another kind of tongue, better stay.  If you have a 40 percent desire, I suggest you get another day in the decision process. This will prevent you from having regrets later on. But because you have an adventurous soul like me, you take risks and follow the simple steps towards travel nursing.

Find a Travel Nursing Company

Second to your decision to step on the field as a travel nurse is finding a travel nursing company. This is an important step so be sure to research about the company. You can ask other travel nurses about the company they’ve work with. They can give you how the company handles them from the beginning to end. It is also advised to find a company that supports continuing education, and loyalty programs. Seek for travel nursing company that helps you grow as a professional.

Many travel nurses choose established companies. Ask how many years are they in the business, and who is the manager of the company. It is a plus when you get to know who facilitates the processing and recruitment of travel nurses.

For Filipinos, the Philippine government has provide an array of legal recruitment agencies that assists most nurses to working abroad. You can go to check and start your journey in travel nursing thru the POEA website.

Complete an Application

Now that you have chosen your travel nursing company, you can now complete your application. Each travel nursing company requires almost similar documents, such as curriculum vita, university or college records, and previous or current employment documents. They will ask you to finish a copy of a cover letter most of the time.

Interview with the Recruiter/ Employer

Once you have completed and passed your application, you are now subject for an interview with the recruiter and/ or employer. In the Philippines, the recruiter will require your personal presence. You will discuss about your job, your salary, your accommodation. At some point, you can talk about your career goals, your needs and what are your skills.

After your session with the recruiter, you will then speak with the employer or nurse manager (mostly) via phone or Skype. You can expect the discussion will be about the processing of your documents and that they will expect you in the coming days. If everything is in order, you can pack your bags and start an adventure as a travel nurse.


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