Wanderlust: Embracing the Seaside in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Posted: September 15, 2016 in Travel
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Together with my colleagues, we visited Al Khobar seaside. This was in lieue with the Eid Al Adha commemoration throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our management allowed us to visit Al Khobar. It’s a two and a half ride from Al Hassa, our place of work.

A humid dry embrace of the wind welcomed us. It’s not like the seaside in my tropical home country, but I appreaciate it. I felt recharged whenever I smell the sea, and hear the waves.

A park was positioned 200meters away from the seaside. People of different races (Syrian, Sudani, Egyptian, Indian, Filipino, and Saudi) flocked at the park. Adults sat on the grassy ground with the aid of their Arabian carpet, and ate food ( which I’m sure was made to satisfy their ‘original tongue’!). Kids were playing with different rides and slides while shouting gleefully in their language. While others stroll on the sidelines in groups (please note that female and male must not be seen together if there’s no blood or legal relation).

Fast food chains circled the Al Khobar seaside as well. Mr. McDonalds was of course the main attraction. Kudu, Hardees, Baskin and Robbins were the food stalls you can visit when in the seaside. Starbucks for young adults and adults was there as well. We went there to get iced drinks. Our throats needed an iced refreshment after inhaling the humid seaside air!

I have to add this. On our way back to Al Hassa, we got to play with a selfie stick of our colleague, Rashean. I love how fun was realized in the series of photos we made. Our giddy and silly moments were captured candidly, that I’d treasure forever.


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