Goodbye Crazy Obnoxious Weird 2016!

Posted: December 31, 2016 in Nurse

Before I will officially utter my goodbye to 2016, I want to share some things about it.

Saved More and Living as a Minimalist

I started the year with a resolution to save more money and to live minimally. I am proud to say that I am in the middle of the latter, but a meter mark after the finish line of saving money. I have reached the moment of buying less things. I bought what was only necessary for my personal things. Whenever I go to a drugstore, I chose only the basic personal care products such soap, shampoo, lotion, moisturizer, lipbalms and perfume. Make- up kits or products were not included on my list as I believe ‘no make- up’ is a make- up (wink). I didn’t buy lots of fancy clothes everytime I go a mall. I only purchased three items from H&M during their winter sale. During the course of 2016, I bought only the needed items like socks and undergarments. It’s normal for me now to use what clothes were on my cabinet. It’s best to declutter at the start of the year as it helped me in choosing what’s necessary or not.

Every year, saving more money is on top of my list, and each year it’s not reached. This year, however, I got a five digit savings on my account. That’s achievement! But I was not able to reach the savings the I envisioned last January. I looked back and saw that I spent more on ‘investable’ things like gold jewelries this year. It was not saving money, it was saving gold (hahaha)!

Forgiving Someone

I had a rift off with my friend mid of 2016. I got so pissed and disgusted of her attitude that I decided to move out from our flat. I transfered from another flat and became so angry to her as she did more outrageous things just to compensate her ‘personal issues’. But as time passed by and as God permits, forgiveness striked on me. I accepted her flaws as a growing female, and forgive what she did (though she did not know this yet, and we did not talk yet!).

Riding with the Storm at Work

My current workplace is a purgatory with a Clyclone No. 5. The wind intensity of the management is so high that you always receive a fair share of equality; no favoritism or racial/ gender discrimination. The storm’s eye is a calm and watchful ‘traitor’. Its storm has a tail so strong you did not know who or what is good or bad. You cannot determine who you can trust. You did not know when you are going to get demoted by your superior. Above all this, I learned how to ride the storm’s tail.

Smiling Not Too Rarely

My colleagues always saw a smile plastered on my face. They rarely see me with a frown, and when they do, it’s time to back off. Patients or their folks also noticed my smiling aura whenever I am assigned to them. It’s on me to smile often because life gives me muscles to do it. I do not wish to use my frown muscles often and get wrinkles at a young age. Plus, I have to prevent myself from being piss or angry, which can give me migraine and chest pain.

So now, I survived the 365 days and have grown an inch or so in life. I am looking forward to another year. Sayonara, 2016!


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