Nurses Notes: Things That Frustrate a Travel Nurse

Posted: February 3, 2017 in Nurse
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Travel NurseTravel nurses enjoy a number of benefits from their job, but these perks are also accompanied by frustrating things. So in this post, which took me months to post, I will share to you some of upsetting things a travel nurse encounters.

Inaccurate Detail About Job Location

In a survey conducted for travel nurses, pay and location of work are the most asked questions. Travel nurses need to consider the location of work so she will have a picture of the facility in question. However, there are travel nursing agencies who provide applicants with éxcellent adjectives describing the institution. Agencies will build the health facility as beautiful, and nurse- friendly. They will also go beyond the facility, saying that the accommodation for travel nurses are hotel- like, which in reality is the other way around.

Faulty Details of Salary 

Travel nurses asked for pay every time they apply for a position. If they are compensated fairly, and in accordance to their experience and job description, then they’ll grab the deal. In some cases, there are travel nurses who got tricked by their agencies and employer. The salary written in the contract is not what they received monthly.

In my case, every month I only receive 80% of the salary noted in the contract. Overtime pay is not given as double pay. It was given as a regular pay.

Unfair Treatment by Institution’s Staff

A travel nurse is seen as the strongest in the team. She can face worst patients, and can be placed in a very harsh situations by her superior. The nurse manager is clearly not thinking about patient safety, but how the travel nurse can compensate the high risks work in the institution. So as much as this is a great opportunity, this is also overwhelming. The travel nurse is pressured to give quality care that at most increases risks, and can make her license in jeopardy.

Unfair treatment is often experienced by a travel nurse when her color and height do not agree with the majority of the hospital staff. I am a Filipina nurse, a typical petite female, and got a fair skin. Along with my other Filipina colleagues, we are treated ‘not-so-fairly’ by our superiors. Most work are given to us, while our other colleagues, who got similar blood with them, have longer time to sit. Our complaints are just listened to. No action are given.

I hope I shared the frustrating things you also experience. You can add some things in the comment below.

  1. NurSerial says:

    I have heard similar descriptions of unfair or dangerous assignments as a travel nurse. Yuck. You’ll get so much experience, though! Best wishes!

  2. I’m about to start doing some work rurally in Australia so fingers crossed I won’t meet too many problems!

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