Nurse’s Notes: Putting an End to Travel Nurse Bullying

Posted: March 27, 2017 in Nurse
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Many nurses suffers from bullying every day, both vertically and horizontally. Nurses can be bullied by their manager or superior; and/or a colleague. As for a travel nurse, bullying is an intensified problem as she is placed in an otherwise work setting, and mostly seen as a threat to the system.

Travel nurse bullying can be prevented to improve patient safety. I will give with a few tips and facts on how to stop nurse bullying.

Keep that Awareness

A travel nurse must keep in mind that she deserve respect while on the job. Do not just shrug when your superior, medical director, or colleague show unnecessary forms of unprofessionalism. You should be aware of what you deserve as a professional travel nurse even if you are the new gal in the workplace.

Be An Observant Friend

When you see a colleague being bullied, be a friend. Don’t just brush off the incident like a blind colleague. Take notes and inform your colleague what you have observed, and that you are there to support her when  need be.

Document and Report

Nurses are thought on how to document accordingly. You can write down notes if you’re bullied. Take note of how the incident happen, time, date, and name of persons involved. When bullying persists or if it affects your work habits, report to your administrator or HR professionally.

React Properly to Bullying

I believe that the best way to stop bullying is on how you react. Do not answer bullying with retaliation. You can defend yourself professionally. Communicate and be honest to the person bullying you. It’s always enough to speak up, confidently and clear, that way she may realize her fault and put an end to it.

Share a Solution

A nurse must be keen in sharing solutions when issues like bullying arise. Your personal conduct on how you respond and react to nurse bullying influence the culture within the establishment. Even if you are no longer at the institution, your part in improving culture within the nursing department or medical department will be remembered and practiced.

I hope I have enlightened you through my post.

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