Wanderlust: Visiting Al Qarah Mountain in Al Ahsa

Posted: June 27, 2017 in Travel
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As nurse working in the city of Al Ahsa, a progressive city in the eastern part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, I have to go around and experience its historical site. So when we’re given a long break from work, me and my colleagues went to visit the famous Judas Cave.

Judas Cave, Al Qarah Mountain, KSA, Al Ahsa

Judas Cave was located in Al Qarah Mountain, a twenty or thirty minute drive from Al Muhammadiya district. The cave was famous among expatriates as it was known to be the place where Judas Iscariot (one of Jesus Christ’s twelve disciples) take refuge after he sold Jesus for thirty gold coins. You can read the Judas Cave’s enchanting story in Definitely Filipino blog. It was recognized by UNESCO last 2015 as a historical site.

Judas Cave, Al Qarah Mountain, KSA, Al Ahsa

We were greeted by a number of expatriates when we reached Al Qarah Mountain. It was an expected situation as Eid ul Fitr in the Kingdom gives holidays. There’s no work for many.

Judas Cave, Al Qarah Mountain, KSA, Al Ahsa

Unfortunately, we arrived at an early hour. The cave won’t open until 6pm. To cover our disappointment, we checked the mountain’s side. There were cave holes also around the mountain. They were not grand as the famous cave located inside the mountain, but they’re worth it.

Judas Cave, Al Qarah Mountain, KSA, Al Ahsa

Locals living near Al Qarah mountain offered a number of knick- knacks to expats. They have horseback riding and food carts, which gave convenience to tourists taking the journey to and fro the cave.

Judas Cave, Al Qarah Mountain, KSA, Al Ahsa

As we were taking photos of the site, Indian kids approached us for a group picture. I really appreciate it when new people came and greet you, even just for a photo. You meet new culture in a new place even for a single minute. That’s what you get when you wander around even in the flaming temperature.

Judas Cave, Al Qarah Mountain, Al Ahsa, KSA

Until the next adventure, folks!

  1. RyanC says:

    Amazing! I had no idea about these caves – super intrigued now!
    And i love what you said about meeting new people – they truly do give you new insight into culture for a brief moment!

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